Jess and Dan MAFS Australia: What happened to Jessica Seracino and Dan Holmes?

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Married at First Sight Australia is often filled to the brim with couples who aren’t exactly the perfect match, often leading to juicy gossip and explosive rows. Jessica Seracino and Dan Holmes were latecomers in the latest series of MAFS Australia and it was at first believed that there could be some romance in the air. Unfortunately, any hope of a potential relationship was quickly dashed thanks to continuous bickering and an early exit.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from MAFS Australia.

Jessica and Dan were the last couple to tie the knot and subsequently the first to break up.

The 27-year-old florist took her new husband by surprise as not too long after moving in together, she stated that she would be leaving the process.

Jessica explained to Dan: “From day dot I felt that extreme disconnection to you.

“I feel like it started before we even had issues.”

While shocked by her announcement, Dan shared similar feelings to his wife.

“I’m feeling a bit shattered. How many times am I going to f**king cry in one week,” he said.

“Wow, I feel like I haven’t cried in years, but in a week I’ve managed to cry eight times.”

With the couple’s journey ending on MAFS Australia ending prematurely, fans are keen to know what happened once they were away from the cameras.

What happened to Jessica Seracino and Dan Holmes?

Jessica and Dan didn’t rekindle their romance after they left the process but instead went their separate ways.

She returned to her hometown of Melbourne where, in February 2022, she was pictured with a mystery man on a shopping trip.

While Jessica hasn’t confirmed whether or not she is in a new relationship, it is clear that she is no longer thinking about her ex-husband Daniel.

But the same can also be said for the 30-year-old personal trainer as he did end up meeting his match through the reality series.

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After the breakdown of his romance with Jessica, Daniel formed a connection with fellow contestant Carolina Santos.

She was originally paired up with Dion Giannarelli but their relationship also hit a rocky path early on in the experiment.

Soon, Carolina and Daniel found comfort in one another and even proposed to return to the show but this time as a couple.

This idea was rejected both by the experts and the other remaining contestants.

Since leaving MAFS Australia, Daniel and Carolina are an official couple who are now living together.

Speaking about not having any regrets on Channel Nine, Carolina said: “Well we never really had anything with our partners apart from a fake marriage and an experiment really.

“It’s not like we had an emotional or physical connection with any of them, so we didn’t think we owed them anything.”

Married at First Sight Australia is available to watch on Channel Nine in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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