Jeremy Kyle ‘traumatised’ after being spat on and asked for a quickie

Jeremy Kyle admitted that he had never been "more traumatised" in all his time on the show today after being spat on, complimented on his testicle and then asked for a quickie. All in a day’s work…

Theresa had appeared on the show to expose her ex Dougie, who was previously called Craig, for being a wife-beating thief and show him what a "vile human being" he was.

It all got off to a bad start when Dougie started yelling backstage, prompting Theresa to storm over to Dougie backstage with her daughter.

As he branded her a "fat cow", she yelled: "What you gonna do gummy bear? Wife beater!"

Eventually, she returned to the stage and Jeremy slumped into the chair beside her.

But as Jezza began to ask her why he had changed his name, Craig yelled out to call her a "fat s***".

She screamed back: "At least I look like I’ve got meat on me and I’m not doing crack all day."

After Theresa revealed that she had been with him for six years, Jeremy headed backstage to confront Dougie.

The host told him: "When it’s your time you can have your say. You’ve just shouted out when she just accused you of being a wife beater. I think it’s time to tell people you were convicted for that, weren’t you?"

"Yeah, because I pleaded guilty," Dougie grunted.

Jeremy snapped: "You pleaded guilty when your name was Craig, is that why you’re on this show pretending to be called Dougie because you don’t want people to know what a vile human being you are?"

Dougie then yelled and spit in face: "Everyone knows me as Dougie!"

"Sit down and shut up until i ask you to come out," Jezza blasted.

A disgusted Jeremy then returned to the stage and Theresa revealed she had stayed with him to try and help with his children.

When asked whether she had ever seen him take drugs, Theresa revealed: "Me and my daughter went out one night and we came back and we found a needle in the kitchen with a dog bowl where he was sitting and he was fast asleep in the living room with sick all out his mouth."

She went on to tell a grossed out Jeremy that Dougie had thrown daughter Nicole against a door when she was pregnant, which put her into early labour. He later denied his.

Introducing Dougie onto the stage, he said: "He’s been convicted of assaulting you, he’s changed his name to Dougie, he might or not be on crack and he just spat in my face."

Of course, Theresa and Dougie clashed again on the stage. Eventually, Jezza had enough and told him to sit down.

"Jeremy’s got more in one ball than you’ve got in two," Theresa pointed out.

Jezza laughed in disbelief before pointing at the backstage staff: "All of you are laughing at the comment about my testicles!"

Theresa added: "Cos it’s true!"

Jeremy later quipped: "I don’t think I’ve been more traumatised in all my time on the Jeremy Kyle Show."

After Theresa was accused of being useless in bed she said: ‘Maybe Steve will be a better man at it."

But Jeremy interjected: "Don’t you think I’d be better than Steve?"

She quipped: "You might do, why don’t we go round back and find out."

A tired-looking Jeremy said: "I’m going to an ad break which is three minutes long, I wonder…"

"You’d last longer than him!" she exclaimed.

Oh dear…

*The Jeremy Kyle Show airs weekdays at 9.25am on ITV

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