Jeremy Kyle guest reveals the degrading way he checks if girlfriend has cheated

Jeremy Kyle sunk to shocking new depths as a guest revealed the disgusting check he does on his partner to ensure she hasn’t cheated on him.

28-year-old Jamie appeared on the talk show because he was convinced his partner Kat, 45, had been sleeping with other men behind his back.

During the confrontation, Kat left the studio audience stunned as she revealed Jamie make sure she’s not been doing the dirty on him by ‘putting his hands down her trousers.’

Jamie revealed he’d become concerned Kat was cheating after he phoned her at midnight and heard her panting down the line.

But Kat protested her innocence, claiming she had simply been enjoying a late night snack of beans on toast.

She then scolded Jamie for his ‘paranoid’ behaviour: "Why do you put your hands down my trousers [inaudible] to see if I’ve cheated?"

"Why do you do that? That’s degrading. That is degrading to a woman. There’s no respect for me is there?" Kat fumed.

Host Jeremy agreed that it the most ‘degrading thing you could do to a woman.’

But Kat admitted she was happy to let her partner get away with it with it in order to avoid an argument.

"But it is wrong for you to do it," she told Jamie.

52-year-old presenter Jeremy looked beyond disgusted and wasn’t so accepting of Jamie’s antics.

"What are you looking for? Is this a regular thing? Why would you put her hands down her knickers?" he quizzed.

Jamie responded: "Because we’re sexual partners. Why wouldn’t you?"

Kat agreed to take a lie detector test where it was revealed she was telling the truth and hadn’t cheated on Jamie.

But then she asked Jamie to take a test to prove he hadn’t been seeing with other women behind her back – and he refused.

All was not over for the pair though – as Jamie then PROPOSED to Kat and she keenly accepted.

But unfortunately the big moment was ruined as the engagement ring proved a little too small for Kat’s finger.

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