Jeremy Clarkson fans trigger police intervention as hundreds flock to his farm shop after success of new TV show

POLICE have intervened at Jeremy Clarkson's farm in the Cotswolds after fans descended there in their hundreds this weekend.

Avid viewers of the Top Gear host's new show, which documents his time working on his 1,000 acres of land, were snapped arriving in droves.

Jeremy, 61, has given fans an insight into his time on the Oxfordshire farm in his new Amazon Prime series, which launched online last week.

Since then, fans have flocked to the village of Chadlington to visit Diddly Squat Farm Shop, where the broadcaster's crops are sold to the public.

Causing huge traffic jams, masses headed to the tiny Chipping Norton town as police were called to manage the numbers on Saturday afternoon.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police told "Officers received reports yesterday in relation to congestion on the roads.

"Officers attend the scene, but no crime had been committed. Our neighbourhood team for the area is aware of the situation."

Locals were furious about the weekend traffic and took to the Chadlington Community Notice Board on Facebook to voice their anger.

One warned for other village locals to "avoid" the area due to the "utterly ridiculous" level of traffic where the "road is blocked".

"Avoid going anywhere near Diddly Squat Farm Shop, whole road is blocked again," they wrote. "People stopping on the 60mph bend with nowhere to go."

Another commented on the post: "Accident waiting to happen, total idiots."

"Clarkson will not be remotely bothered. I’m sure he’s laughing at us all from behind the shop till," a third wrote to the page.

Jeremy bought his farm in 2008, but got hands on working there during the national coronavirus lockdown in 2020 – with cameras following him for his Amazon Prime show.

He then opened the Diddly Squat Farm Shop in 2020, a nearby barn full of local produce and a small cafe and bar.

Fans of the show were recently left laughing when a young farmer helping the Top Gear host stormed off after Jeremy made a huge tractor blunder in her new show.

Throughout the series, Jeremy tackles "unresponsive crops" and "disobedient animals" in terrible weather throughout the global pandemic.

But in the hilarious first instalment, Jeremy is left totally stumped on how to use his brand new Lamborghini tractor to plant seeds in his fields.

Calling in 21-year-old Kaleb Cooper, the TV presenter was left in stunned silence when the farmer stormed off over a major mistake.

Having taught Jeremy to use the tractor, Kaleb left him on his own to continue seeding the field, and returned later to check on the work that had been done without him.

As the journalist stood proudly waiting for praise, Kaleb shook his head in disappointment and began to reel into him: "What have you done?"

"You haven't even drilled it straight," he continued to yell as he stormed off in fury. "That’s as straight as a roundabout!"

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