Jenelle Evans Says Husband David Eason's Getting 'Death Threats' Over 'Teen Mom 2' War With Leah Messer

Jenelle sides with her husband after he shames her co-star’s daughter for wearing too much makeup.

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans fiercely stood up for husband David Eason on Friday, after he got into an Instagram battle with her co-star Leah Messer.

The war of words began earlier this week, after Eason left a comment on a photo showing Messer’s daughters Aliannah and Aleeah at the latter’s cheer competition. His criticism: "I can’t believe Corey [Alleeah’s father] would allow her to wear that much makeup."

Leah wrote back, asking, "Why are you even commenting on my post?" and later tweeting, "I take opinions lightly, cause I don’t give a fuuuuuu. ESPECIALLY, if you’re irrelevant to my life." Eason also added, "She just probably didn’t ask him if it was okay first. I doubt he would allow that."

Co-star Kail Lowry also got in on the action, telling David to "take that energy you have on IG & put it towards something else like…. your own kids."

Taking to her Instagram story on Friday, Evans sided with her husband. "Now to me, it looked pretty heavy. To my friends, it looked heavy. So David was the only one who commented on it," she said in the video. "He commented on some cheerleading makeup and you guys are sending him death threats. Do you understand how wrong that is?"

"He doesn’t hate Leah, but when you go on someone’s podcast talking pure shit and when you go on Snapchat talking pure shit, people don’t forget that Leah," she continued. "So David decided to comment on it, he didn’t have to go onto her Instagram and comment on it, but you know what, he did and I mean whatchu gonna do about it?"

Her message to Leah: "I’m so sorry if my husband got on your account and commented on your Instagram, maybe you should block him or delete him and then you won’t see his comments anymore. Problem solved." She added, "David never said he was against makeup at all. He’s just saying she had way too much on."

Messer hasn’t reacted to Jenelle’s latest update, but Kail retweeted the video and added, "You literally said I had a baby for ratings on a live podcast… but that’s ok? Get the f-ck outta here DUDE."

Eason was previously fired from the show by MTV after he shared a slew of homophobic sentiments on Twitter. Saying David’s "personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV," the network added, "with six weeks left of production on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ effective immediately, we are ending out relationship with him."

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