Jason Donovan breaks silence on Neighbours reboot

Jason Donovan reflects on filming final Neighbours episode

The beloved Ramsay Street soap welcomed back some of its most famous faces for the final-ever episode after 37 years on screen. Stars such as Jason Donovan and pop icon Kylie Minogue felt they had to make an appearance for the “last ever” instalment of the drama but it has since been claimed Kylie’s “got a bit of the hump about it all” as she feels “duped” into returning.

Jason admitted he was “surprised” to hear the soap was being revived so soon during an appearance on the Australian breakfast radio show Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie.

“I’ll be honest with you, it was a surprise,” the 54-year-old actor stated.

“But, I think anything that provides the opportunity to keep people working and actors and producers and all those sorts of things.”

Jason famously played Scott Robinson on neighbours and his character tied the knot with Kylie’s character Charlene Mitchell on-screen.

Longtime Neighbours fans were thrilled to see the stars return to screens for the final.

While Jason appeared optimistic about the soap’s reboot, other actors allegedly feel “bitter” about the decision.

Sources in Melbourne have claimed Kylie feels “duped” after appearing in the last episode.

“Kylie has apparently got a bit of the hump about it all,” An insider told Mail On Sunday.

“It’s a case of why did she and others make the effort to go back. She and the others were told it was the end.

“She knows what she owes to Neighbours and she would have always done it, but it does all seem a little baffling.”

Meanwhile, Annie Jones, who portrays Jane Harris and Stefan Dennis, who is known for playing cold-hearted businessman Paul Robinson, have confirmed they will be starring in the soap’s revival. 

While the actors revealed they are “thrilled” to return to Erinsborough, they found the announcement “confusing and shocking” at first.

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Stefan told Express.co.uk and other publications: “It was confusing and shocking when we first found out it was coming back.

“Being honest, I did have to think about it for a while, well when I saw a while I mean hours not days,” he laughed.

“It was just because it had been nearly eight months since the end of the show.”

The actor added: “Because of the confusion and the shock of the immediate announcement I kind of went, ‘Do I want to go back or do I want to keep pursuing other work and go into semi-retirement so to speak?’

“It didn’t take long to realise it was a pretty darn good gig and I’d be a nut bag to say no to it.”

Annie exclaimed: “For me, it was a no-brainer as I love playing Jane and I love being on the show and having the opportunity to grow as an actor with every storyline.”

The 56-year-old actress said she was “thrilled” and “really happy” to be returning to the set.

Neighbours is coming to Amazon Freevee later this year. 

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