Jamie Dornan squirms over ‘savage’ appearance remark ‘You’re not in good shape’

The One Show: Jermaine Jenas teases Jamie Dornan

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Jamie Dornan joined The One Show via video link to chat about his new series The Tourist but things got awkward when Jermaine questioned his fitness levels. Jamie could be seen looking embarrassed as his fellow guests were visibly shocked by the host’s comments.

Jermaine began: “Jamie, I am loving this question here.

“I hear you set up a local football team for the dads, but unfortunately, you’re not in as good shape as you used to be apparently.”

Jamie could be seen looking awkwardly off camera as Jermaine’s co-star Sam Quek let out a gasp.

Jermaine continued: “That’s what I’ve been told.”

Jamie’s co-star from upcoming BBC series The Tourist, Shalom Brune-Franklin, covered her mouth in shock, commenting: “That’s savage.”

Jamie finally replied: “Yeah it was during, I think it was the first time last year when they announced you were allowed to exercise outside again as a group or whatever.

“There were a couple of dads who were around for Sunday lunch and I said, ‘Do you guys play football?’

“And they said yes and I said, ‘We should start a dads 5-a-side match or whatever.’

“So we started that and last week we had a big grudge match, we had the dads against the school staff so were three nil down but it was a good night.”

Jermaine asked: “Did you put one away, did you score?”

Jamie smiled: “I did, of course I scored mate.”

Jermaine replied: “That’s what I like to hear,” as Sam joked: “Jamie you’ll have to stay on the line to give Jermaine some advice on how to score.”

As Jermaine cringed, Sam pointed out: “Just a little bit of payback for telling everyone he wasn’t in shape.”

Jamie can be seen over New Year in The Tourist, which is written by Harry and Jack Williams, who also produced Baptiste and The Missing.

He stars as a British man who finds himself in the Australian outback being pursued by a tank truck.

The truck tries to drive him off the road and a cat and mouse chase unfolds.

The man wakes up in hospital seriously injured but alive and with no idea of who he is.

With the tank truck driver still chasing him, the man must search for answers about who he is and why he is being pursued.

The One Show airs weeknights on BBC One at 7pm while The Tourist airs on New Year’s Day.

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