James Corden, Stephen Colbert Celebrate Trump’s Last Day In Office With Final Jokes, Musical Numbers

Donald Trump’s final day in office has finally come and television’s late night hosts could not be more excited to welcome President-elect Joe Biden and his administration. Stephen Colbert, James Corden and more late-night personalities celebrated the final day of the Trump administration in their own ways, from cranking out their final roasts to featuring musical numbers inspired by the president’s hectic days.

The Late Show host opened his show by revisiting his live episode from the night Trump won the 2016 election. Nearly four years ago, when he could host an in-person audience, Colbert mentioned that Americans have “four very interesting years in front of us” under Trump.

“I might have undersold that just a smidge,” Colbert quipped on Tuesday night.

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He walked audiences down memory lane, spotlighting Trump’s top controversial moments, from him complimenting  the Charlottesville protestors to his challenging Hurricane Dorian’s trajectory with a sharpie.

In what Colbert depicted as a presidential rollercoaster of controversy and haplessness, he said that the past four years have featured “heroes” worth celebrating.”

“That’s you, the American people. For all of his dangerous assaults on democracy, in the end democracy kicked his ass all the way back to Florida,” he said. “You should be proud of yourselves.”

The Late Late Show‘s James Corden celebrated Trump’s final day in office with a different note – literally. Corden brought out his musical theater chops as he, and his cast, belted a version of Les Misérables inspired by Trump’s chaotic presidency.

“No more days of angry tweets, cause it’s time he’s gone for good,” Corden sang as he cleared out his office of old The Late Late Show scripts about Trump and magazines featuring the former Celebrity Apprentice host on the cover.

Joining the late night host for the musical number were Pattie LuPone and Matt Lucas, who posed as MAGA supporters and sang about defying mask mandates and gun rights. The number goes on to feature other singers posing as newscasters who worry that Trump will continue his fraud election claims.

However, who every they may be playing in the spoof musical number, all those singing bring the piece to an overwhelming crescendo about Biden.

“Tomorrow we’ll discover what Joe Biden has in store/ No more Trump/ One more day/ One day more,” Corden sings with his ensemble.

See the number below and watch Colbert’s monologue above.

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