James Cameron talks Alita: Battle Angel as new trailer is released

Directed by Sin City’s Robert Rodriguez and shepherded to the big screen by James Cameron, we now have a new trailer for Alita: Battle Angel.

The latest glimpse at the movie was released today (July 23) in conjunction with a Facebook Live Q&A featuring several members of the team behind Alita. Cameron and Rodriguez were joined by Jon Landau and Rosa Salazar for the exciting event.

Discussing the origins of his involvement with the project, which has been a long journey for the filmmaker spanning two decades, Cameron explained: “It’s an interesting history going back I’d say 20 years, Guillermo del Toro is a good friend of mine and he turned me onto the anime.”

“I loved the anime just for its kind of poignant, simple story. But I wound up doing Avatar instead, it was literally practically a coin toss between the two, we were literally developing them in parallel” he added.

The Aliens director then divulged the process of giving Rodriguez the reins on Alita, with the two being really close friends.

“A couple of years after [Avatar], Robert [Rodriguez] and I were just hanging out, we’d been hanging out for like 3 hours gossiping and being pals.

“So he’s getting into his car and the door’s about to close and he says ‘So you got anything?’ like a total afterthought and I thought ‘I’m not going to get to do Battle Angel for a long time’, because I’m doing all of these Avatar sequels, so I handed him the baton. The rest is history.”

Alita: Battle Angel arrives in cinemas this December.

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