James Bond No Time To Die: The BIG problem with Spectre’s ending for Daniel Craig revealed

Almost 5 years ago, Daniel Craig’s James Bond faced his ultimate match in archnemesis Blofeld. Having faced his demons and found answers in a story arc that began in Casino Royale, 007 decided to let the villain live, quit MI6 and drove off into the sunset with Madeleine Swann. If anything Spectre’s ending looked to be a great way for Craig to bow out as 007 and yet he’s now back for another in No Time To Die.

What’s kind of awkward for the narrative is that Craig felt Spectre was his Bond’s ending.

Franchise producer Barbara Broccoli told Entertainment Weekly: “He felt at the end of the last movie he’d kind of done it.

“I said to him, ‘I don’t think you have, I think there’s still more of the story of your Bond to tell.’

“Fortunately, he came around to agree with that.”


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But making a sequel to Spectre make sense could prove difficult, as 007 expert and author of new book Quantum of Silliness: The Peculiar World of Bond, Robbie Sims has said.

Speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk, he said: “They painted themselves into a corner with Spectre definitely.

“They thought it was the last Craig. They tried to tie everything up and have him drive off into the sunset.

“And now there’s this one which has to sort of have to undo that or at least build on it.”

Nevertheless, the Bond expert is looking forward to seeing how such a challenge has been tackled in No Time To Die.

Sims said: “I’m excited because it felt like Craig deserves a better sendoff than Spectre.

“No Time To Die so far is looking good. I’m positive about it.

“I think the trailer looks sexy and the song isn’t a total duffer.”

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What will prove interesting, however, is how to go bigger and more climatic than Spectre.

After all, how can you top Blofeld himself after the previous three films were building up to the villain with baddies below him in his evil organisation?

Well this is part of the reason why many fans think Rami Malek’s Safin is actually Dr No.

Surely the only way match Blofeld – who is back for No Time To Die – is to resurrect another classic villain.

Certainly, Spectre’s press tour tried (unsuccessfully) to cover the leak that Christoph Waltz’s Oberhauser was actually Blofeld.

After all, the movie was called Spectre and the star was dressed just like Bond’s arch-enemy.

Similarly, No Time To Die is the first Bond movie to have “No” in the title since Dr No and Malek’s Safin has a striking resemblance to the first villain 007 faced on the big screen.

No Time To Die is released in UK cinemas on April 2, 2020.

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