Jack Whitehall Needed Body Double for His ‘Six Pack’ in New Show ‘The Afterparty’

The ‘Jungle Cruise’ actor reveals he had failed to get in shape for his role on Apple TV Plus series as he indulged in beer and pasta while in Italy ahead of the filming.

AceShowbizJack Whitehall was grateful to be given a body double for his TV show “The Afterparty” after failing to get in shape. The comedian/actor has opened up his character in the Apple TV Plus series was described as having a six-pack but, despite all his best efforts, Jack was unable to sculpt his abs into shape in time due to a beer and pasta binge in Italy shortly before the shoot started.

“I’ve never committed to getting a six-pack before for a role, but I thought, ‘I’m really going to try hard to get fit.’ And then I booked this gig [a beer promotional campaign in Italy] before I went out there, which was basically a week of beer and pasta,” he explained in an interview with Heat magazine.

“I don’t know about six-packs but I’m pretty certain beer and pasta are not what you’re advised to eat. In my mind, I just called it a cheat week, but that did become the cheat week of all cheat weeks – eating pasta every day. So when I arrived in LA , I was not in the shape that I intended.”

However, Jack’s lack of abs wasn’t a problem for show bosses as they just called in a body double to stand in for him. Jack added, “It was fine, because they were like, ‘We can just hire a double who’s got a six pack.’ I think that’s the takeaway here, you can just hire someone else with the physique you want, and then you can ‘live Italian.’ “

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