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FOLLOWING several Emmy wins, American Crime Story is successfully running its third series after it premiered on September 21, 2021.

This time the focus is one of the biggest controversies in the United States: Bill Clinton’s shocking affair with Monica Lewinsky. But when does it come out and what else should you know?

Who has been cast for the series?

Sarah Paulson – Linda Tripp

Sarah Paulson – Linda Tripp

Birdbox star and American Crime Story actress Sarah Paulson is returning to the show, but this time she’s playing Linda Tripp.

If you weren’t aware, Linda played a significant role in getting President Bill Clinton impeached from his position because she’d saved private conversations with her then-colleague Monica Lewinsky about the affair.

It was claimed at the time that Linda had an extensive amount of evidence that would eventually lead to the downfall of Bill Clinton’s career – at least in the White House.

Monica – completely oblivious that her conversations with Linda were being recorded – famously stated that she hated the former U.S. civil servant while under the testimony of the grand jury.

Sarah Paulson’s involvement in the series will add to the long list of credentials she has built up in Hollywood thanks to her close relationship with TV mogul Ryan Murphy.

The actress has also played a recurring role on American Crime Story – one of Ryan’s most successful shows, which premiered in 2011.

Beanie Feldstein – Monica Lewinsky

Beanie Feldstein, who has been riding high with her success in Hollywood, may have just landed her biggest role yet.

The actress is expected to play Monica Lewinsky next year, giving viewers an insight look to the stress, struggle and pain caused by the Clinton Presidency.

While we all know that Bill was impeached from his position, it almost seemed as if Monica had fallen to the background while her well-being was at an all-town low.

Ryan Murphy had initially said he wouldn’t want to work on the scandal for an upcoming series, but his mind was changed when Monica had signed on as a producer, and she’s not holding back this time either.

Annaleigh Ashford – Paula Jones

Annaleigh Ashford famously played Elizabeth Cote in The Assassination of Gianni Versace – but she’ll be taking on a completely new role for Impeachment.

The blonde beauty will star as Paula Jones, the woman who accused President Bill Clinton of sexual assault before he even made it to the White House.

While further information regarding the show has remained under wraps, we can already get an idea of how things are going to play out once the show premieres next year.

Telling the events that happened between Paula and Bill will be a story worth exploring aside from seeing Monica Lewinsky’s ordeal after her own scandal caused controversy around the world.

The remaining cast members have yet to be announced.

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