‘I’ll be joining Susanna’ Ben Shephard confirms Good Morning Britain return after injury

Ben Shephard provides health update after ACL surgery

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Good Morning Britain has been missing Ben Shephard from the ITV show’s presenting line up in recent weeks, as he’s been recovering from an injury on his knee. Ben was recently hospitalised as he had to undergo surgery for his knee after rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). However, he’s now given fans an update on his recovery process and confirmed he’ll be back presenting alongside Susanna Reid on Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain.

On Saturday, Ben gave fans an update on his knee injury and his recovery process.

The presenter ruptured his ACL, a ligament that helps stabilise the knee joint, while playing football.

He also tore his meniscus, the piece of cartilage that provides a cushion between your thigh bone and shinbone.

As a result of his injury, Ben has been absent from Good Morning Britain while he takes time to recover.

However, he’s now shared some news with fans and has confirmed he’ll soon be back on the ITV morning news show.

On Saturday Ben shared a video on his Instagram page, updating his followers and thanking them for all the messages of support he’d received.

“I think so far so good would be the best assessment,” Ben remarked, referring to his recovery.

He continued: “I spend most of my days attached to this machine here,” as he panned the camera to a Physiolab machine.

The presenter explained: “It pumps freezing cold water via this tube into the cuff around my knee and reduces the swelling. It compresses as well.”

“It’s been amazing. I’m also watching an awful lot of sports. So it could be worse!” Ben exclaimed.

He revealed that he’d started doing physio therapy a couple of times a week.

“It’s agony at times, as anyone who has been through this will know, but a necessary evil.

“We’re taking this slowly. But, we’re getting there I think,” the presenter continued.

Ben confirmed he’s also set to make a comeback to Good Morning Britain: “I’m back at work on Monday.

“So, I’ll be joining Susanna behind the desk and as long as I’ve got my leg up… I should be okay.

“Hopefully you’ll join us but really, thank you for all of those amazing messages,” he added.

Ben received a number of well wishes from fans and celebrities alike underneath his Instagram post.

Gaby Roslin wrote: “Sending you so much love my darling.”

“You’re like a recovering International Athlete! Shall I pop round with ice cream?” Ben’s ITV co-star Andi Peters remarked.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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