Humans series 3 will feature a time jump… and thousands of deaths

Humans comes back for series three next month on Channel 4 and the creators have been teasing what’s in store, including a time jump and thousands of deaths.

Set in a parallel present where robots known as Synths are a commonplace accessory, Humans closed its second series with a huge twist, as the entire Synth population was granted sentience.

The new series picks up one year later with Synths and Humans struggling to broker an uneasy peace.

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“We say there were around 110,000 deaths around the world and obviously a large part of humanity is blaming this on the Synths, because they were inadvertently responsible for these deaths as they became conscious,” co-creator and writer Jonathan Brackley told SFX.

“While they’re not directly at fault, they are ultimately responsible, so there’s been a huge backlash.”

The decision behind series three not being set during this period of unrest was a desire to “move past the initial period of instability”, according to co-creator and writer Sam Vincent. “That kind of unrest and disturbance would be exciting, but not that interesting,” he explained.

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“We start on the anniversary of what has come to be known as Day Zero, when the dust has settled a bit and we’re able to look back at what happened, and yet also come into a new world.”

We cannot wait to see what that world looks like.

Humans returns to Channel 4 in the UK in May and to AMC in the US on June 5.

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