Hollyoaks stalwart Sienna Blake to exit as Ste Hay takes revenge?

Hollyoaks: Sienna Blake tells Warren Summer is a 'psychopath'

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Sienna (played Anna Passey) seemed to be turning over a new leaf on Hollyoaks when she and Ste (Kieran Richardson) became friends on Hollyoaks after starting up their own cleaning company together. Unfortunately, Ethan (Matthew James-Bailey) came into their lives on the night he killed his girlfriend Maya Harkwell (Ky Discala) and forced them to bury her body on the Channel 4 soap. Over the past few weeks on the television drama, Sienna and Ethan have been getting closer, with the former agreeing to become the manager of the newcomer’s new business. However, in a sickening death twist, it seems Sienna might actually die when Ste finds out the truth about her demise.

In Wednesday night’s first-look episode airing on E4, which airs Thursday on Channel 4, Sienna was left with a huge dilemma on her hands when she discovered Ste had stolen a necklace from Ethan.

Struggling with money, Ste saw this as his only way out of his finical difficulty and he thought Ethan owed him anyway for making him bury Maya’s body.

He was reluctant to apologise for his actions but he was left shaken when his business partner told him their enemy was working for a dangerous criminal underworld figure.

Unfortunately, it was up to the mother of three to explain to Ethan what had happened and he wasn’t happy at all as the situation had left him in a vulnerable position.

Although she tried to defend Ste at first, Sienna ended up blaming him for everything but the ruthless villain was ready to turn nasty.

Viewers were led to believe something horrible had happened, with Ethan next seen in The Loft with dirt all over his hands.

Ste turned up to the club and discovered the villain looking as if he had just killed someone, which he admitted he had.

He forced the cleaner to scrub the club of any evidence of the crime before revealing he had murdered Sienna for double-crossing him.

The father of two broke down in tears, realising his actions had subsequently led to his friend’s demise but not all was what it seemed.

It turned out Sienna was in on the plan and she was happy Ste was feeling remorseful for making her do all his dirty work.

Organised with darker side of things

Anna Passey

As the troublemakers carried on with their conversation, Sienna said she wanted to be equal with Ethan, nothing more or less.

It seems the pair are going to become partners in crime and the new Bonnie and Clyde of the Hollyoaks village but more twists could be on the horizon.

When Ste finds out Sienna has betrayed him in such a way, he will be livid and will want revenge as he isn’t one to sit back and let people get away with messing him around.

Although he hasn’t resorted to killing someone before, he knows he isn’t going to get out of his latest drama without there being some deadly consequences.

He knows only one of them is going to make it out of this alive and having faked her death twice, the third time around might not be so lucky for Sienna.

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The character has become adored by viewers, despite having her moments where she can resort to being pure evil and vengeful.

Sienna has shown she also has a heart of gold and she has done everything in her power to try and redeem herself from her previous misdemeanours.

She has also fallen in love with several men in Hollyoaks, including bad boy Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas).

It seems she and Ethan could make their relationship a little more romantic in the coming months, but could this bad boy be the death of her?

If she were to die, Ste would have to face Ethan but could he get rid of him by finally shopping him to the police for his crimes?

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The actress who plays Sienna, Anna, has spoken out about how Ste will have his hands full as her character turns back to the dark side.

Anna explained: “A little bit of Sienna’s natural capacity for crime starts coming out, so then Ste really has to keep an eye on her and try to rein in some of the things that she’s doing.

“She discovers that she’s quite good at it. She’s quite organised with the darker side of things,” the soap star told Digital Spy.

But Ste’s idea of reigning things in could be to get rid of her once and for all so he doesn’t have to worry about her all the time.

Of course, because he hasn’t killed before he will feel a huge sense of guilt over what happened but will he be able to hide the fact he murdered Sienna from his loved one?

Taking to Twitter, fans have been sharing their reactions to the news Sienna is dead again, with Grianne writing: “At this rate when she does eventually die for real sadly, no one will actually believe it given her constant fake outs.

“Also what’s Ste ever done to her? Sly Sienna’s come out to play yet again thanks to Ethan clearly #Hollyoaks,” they continued.

Monica added: “I definitely prefer Sienna and Ethan as criminal besties. They’re such a good team and it would be more interesting if they stayed friends #Hollyoaks.”

Michelle chimed: “Sly Sienna is the queen of death faking #Hollyoaks,” but is her real death just around the corner?

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6:30pm on Channel 4. First-look Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 7pm on E4.

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