Hollyoaks hints at romance twist for Farrah Maalik and Grace Black next week

Hollyoaks hints at a possible romance for Grace Black and Farrah Maalik next week as they bond over Kim’s absence.

Farrah has been dealing with a frustrating lack of proper answers ever since her girlfriend Kim vanished earlier this year, following a terrifying showdown with Ryan.

Viewers know that Kim has been locked in a storage room at Hollyoaks High, but Farrah will start to give up of ever finding her in next week’s scenes.

Believing that Kim really is never coming back, Farrah does her best to let go of her and move on with her life.

After packing up a box of Kim’s belongings, Farrah’s emotions start to take hold and she ends up having a meltdown – just as Grace turns up.

Witnessing Farrah’s obvious distress, Grace steps in and comforts her – but could her feelings for Farrah be developing beyond friendship?

Speaking to Digital Spy about the development recently, Krupa Pattani – who plays Farrah – said: “I think it’s a really interesting chemistry between them.

“As friends, they get on so well because Farrah is used to being the person in charge. She’s used to being the person that’s emotionally strong and confident, helping people with their problems.

“In this situation, Grace is the one helping Farrah when she’s lost. I think that’s where the connection comes from.

“For Farrah to meet someone who’s so strong for her in this moment of such desperation, it’s really interesting to see. It’s a really lovely friendship that they’re striking up.”

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4.

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