Hollyoaks fans left reeling by shock Jordan Price arrest as drug plot takes brutal turn

HOLLYOAKS fans were left reeling by Jordan Price's shock arrest as his drug plot takes a brutal turn. 

In Monday night’s episode of Hollyoaks, PC Kiss caught up with a panicked Jordan and Leela Lomax.

After being threatened by big drug boss Victor, Jordan begged his secret girlfriend Leela to run away with him, telling her his life was in danger.

As the two loaded up his car and Jordan tried to explain to Leela that he wanted out of his life, PC Kiss turned up after receiving a tip-off and searched his vehicle, revealing the bag of drugs in Jordan's boot.

When Leela tried to speak up in support of Jordan, PC Kiss ended up arresting them both for possession with intent to supply.

Victor’s threat to his former protegeé comes after Juliet’s plan to impress the County Lines drug boss all at Jordan's expense, which has left him worried about his own future.

During Monday’s episode, Jordan thought he could finally get his own back on Juliet when Sid Sumner let slip that she had recently messed up. 

Jordan wasted no time in telling Victor but it ended up back firing. 

The drug boss issued a dark warning to his employee telling him he doesn’t like snitches. 

Jordan excitedly told Victor, “The reason we ended up robbing her nan's café yesterday is because she didn't do as she was told.

“She tried to flog our gear and lost the lot.”

Victor told him: “You know, there was a time that I thought I might retire early… let you take over here.

“But that's never going to happen is it? Not when I constantly have to keep coming back here and tidying up your mess. Not when you've turned into a dirty little snitch.

“From now on, I'd keep my trap shut if I was you, grass. Or I might have to get my lawnmower out.”

Reeling from the threat, Jordan panicked and rushed to Leela’s side to tell her his life was in danger and they needed to leave.

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