Hollyoaks’ explosive moments – train crash, mini bus accident and tragic deaths

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The residents of Hollyoaks will have their lives changed forever this week as a deadly incident rocks the village in an hour long episode of the soap.

Many villagers' lives are threatened after an explosion occurs during a fundraising event, with viewers left wondering what will happen.

Will more fan favourites leave the soap or will they be saved from the deadly explosion? All will be revealed this week.

The residents of the village have sadly suffered a number of deadly explosions since the soap began in 1995, leading to the deaths of a number of fan favourite characters.

Ahead of this week's hour long episode, Daily Star takes a look at some of Hollyoaks most explosive moments.

Doug Carter dies at his leaving party

Doug Carter sadly died in 2013, following an explosion at a leaving party for him and Ste Hay at their flat.

After the explosion, Doug attempted to rescue Sinead and Ste, but instead he ends up getting trapped in the building with them.

Although emergency services rescued them, Doug later died of internal injuries as a result of the explosion.

Talking to Metro about leaving the soap, actor PJ Brennan revealed that he would miss playing the character, saying: "He was a good guy, I think that’s why it’s sad because I actually do think, by the end, he’d done a pretty good job of fixing his life up in some ways, but obviously his love life was always really really sad."

However in a YouTube clip announcing his departure, PJ joked that he would not miss the costumes that Doug had to wear, saying: "I won’t miss some of your costumes like the deli uniform, but I’ll miss the apron. And I hope the deli stays open."

The McQueen wedding train crash

Fan favourite Carmel McQueen died after she was killed in a train crash on her cousin Porsche's wedding day.

The train hit Sienna Blakes car after it became stuck on the train tracks, and while the rest of the McQueen family managed to escape, Carmel was trapped inside.

The McQueen family ran back to the train to save Carmel, but she died in their arms, after promising that she would always be the family's guardian angel.

Talking to Metro about her final scenes on the soap, actress Gemma Merna who played Carmel, said: "There was a shot that I asked if we could put in, of Carmel waving goodbye before she gets on the train. I thought it was a way of her saying goodbye.

"Also, her death scene was very emotional… we all just cried all day! Ha. I am very proud of it."

Ziggy Roscoe dies trying to save Leela Lomax

Viewers were left devastated when Ziggy Roscoe died at Christmas, following a huge gas explosion started by Cameron Campbell.

Cameron had attempted to kill Leela Lomax at her home, but following the explosion, Ziggy ran in to save her.

However, in his attempt to save Leela, Ziggy suffered internal injuries and a blow to the head.

After sitting down in a chair at The Dog pub, Ziggy passed away from his injuries and was found by the love of his life Tegan, who thought he was asleep until she discovered the heartbreaking truth.

Talking to Digital Spy about the storyline, actor Cameron Moore who played Cameron Campbell, said: "I am expecting a massive backlash. I was absolutely gutted about Fab leaving, especially when I found out it'd be Cameron's fault!"

He also expressed sadness at fellow actor Fabrizio Santino leaving the soap, adding: "Even though I am expecting a backlash, I'm not too bothered about that – it's more sadness that I won't get to see Fab every day."

Maddie Morrison dies in mini bus accident

Another explosion rocked the village in 2012, when Maddie Morrison died in a mini bus explosion.

Although the character was a resident villain in Hollyoaks when she arrived, the character soon settled and fell in love with Callum Kane.

However, their love was short lived after the mini bus that Maddie was driving exploded.

Despite having survived the initial explosion, Maddie's fate was sealed after she suffered a fatal blow to the head from a mini bus door seconds later, which had come off during the explosion.

Tina McQueen's shock death

Hollyoaks viewers were shocked when Vicar Niall Rafferty was revealed to be Myra McQueen's son that she had given up for adoption as a baby.

After the shock revelation, Niall kidnapped the McQueen sisters and tied them up in the local church, before asking Myra which of her children she wanted to live or die.

Niall set off an explosion and as the McQueen family escaped from the church, rubble fell on Tina McQueen and she was fatally wounded.

As she lay injured, she shared an emotional moment with her husband Dominic, who was holding her before she died.

Hollyoaks airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 6.30pm followed by first look episode on E4 at 7pm

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