Hollyoaks’ Courtney makes deal with devilish Glenn to help Jesse save the salon

Jesse Donovan has done his best trying to run the salon, but Courtney Campbell has been growing increasingly concerned about how things are going due to his shady secrets.

We saw naughty Goldie McQueen con some money from the family by pretending her lip wax had left her scarred, and Jesse was unable to pay the compensation, leaving Courtney to foot the bill.

But things are going to get much worse, when Jesse continues to pretend things are OK, forcing Courtney to make a deal with the devil: Glenn Donovan.

The salon isn’t doing too well so Jesse lies to Courtney, saying he has sorted out all the bills.

All seems to be going well with this lie until the electricity goes off, meaning Courtney knows what’s going on.

Courtney desperately tries to persuade Jesse to ask Glenn, his father, or Grace, his half sister for money, but he refuses, and shuts up the salon despite his ever-growing debts.

So she goes behind his back and asks Glenn if the offer for a loan still stands, and the two shake on it.

Later, Courtney heads over to Glenn to collect the loan money, and he persuades her to sign a document, telling her it is because she is borrowing money through the business.

She doesn’t give it a thorough read through and signs on the dotted line – but what has she agreed to?

Glenn has showed his ruthlessness in killing his own son, Adam, because he realised he was grassing him up to police.

He lured Adam into believing they were going to kill Zack Loveday, but when Glenn realised his son had been telling the police about his misdeeds, he did not hesitate in killing him.

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He also killed Trigger, a short-lived character who was also a rumoured grass, though this time the rumours were sent around by Glenn’s stepdaughter and girlfriend, Grace Black, whose thirst for murder is almost as unquenchable as Glenn’s.

But will Courtney come to regret her decision, and the stipulations to their deal?

Hollyoaks airs weekdays from 7pm on E4.

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