Holly Willoughby red-faced in nipple-tassel slip up as she dishes out racy tip

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Holly Willoughby was left red-faced after she dished out advice for the best way to swing nipple tassels on This Morning.

The 40-year-old was left completely embarrassed during Thursday’s instalment of the popular ITV daytime show when they welcomed advice guru Vanessa Feltz onto the show.

Throughout the segment the 59-year-old boasted about her father’s career in the underwear industry in which he was nicknamed Norman the Knicker King.

While the broadcaster learned how Vanessa’s father was one of the first people to import edible underwear into the UK, she revealed a sneaky hack to creating the best swivel while wearing the racy lingerie garment.

Vanessa proudly boasted her father’s achievements to the viewers at home as she recalled his work as a child, explaining: “I would like to say my father used to make nipple tassels.

“My father’s called Norman the Knicker King and I'm very proud of this, this is very true, he was the first person to import into this country edible knickers.”

Completely shocked by the revelation, Phillip couldn’t help but ask for more details about the raunchy career path.

To which the TV personality reassured him: “Yes, and they were a kind of pineapple flavour, and obviously I was only a child so I only got to witness this in his warehouse where I saw all of the stuff that he was selling.

“But, yes, nipple tassels and edible knickers definitely from the empire of Norman the Knicker King and that paid my school fees.

“Yes, it’s all true. The knack with nipple tassels is to swing one one way and one the other the other way.”

Naturally curious, the 59-year-old went on to ask if she was skilled enough to swing them around to which she replied: “apparently, naturally I can do that.”

But what shocked viewers the most was Holly’s addition to the conversation as she advised viewers at home how they could recreate the trick themselves.

She muttered under her breath: “Apparently you have to lift your heels up and down, apparently, a friend once told me.”

Surprised at her comment Phillip turned to his co-host with shock on his face as Vanessa said: “Well we know who can do it don’t we?”

“Quite obviously!” he replied as a sheepish Holly attempted to hide behind her iPad in shame, as he reminded her: “You started that.”

To which she teased: “I know, I know but I haven't … yet.”

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