Here’s where the original One Foot in the Grave cast is now

One foot in the grave!

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One Foot in the Grave followed the antics of grumpy Victor Meldrew (played by Richard Wilson) who is forced to take involuntary early retirement. His long-suffering wife Margaret Meldrew (Annette Crosbie) puts up with non-stop complaints and tries her best to clear up his regular messes. has all there is to know about the whereabouts of the One Foot in the Grave cast now.

Where is the original cast of One Foot in the Grave now?

Victor Meldrew – Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson OBE was behind the star of One Foot in the Grave as short-tempered Victor Meldrew.

When the comedy ended in 2000, Wilson went on to star in a number of popular shows like Around the World in 80 Days, New Tricks and Doctor Who.

BBC One fans will remember when he took on the role of Gaius, the court physician of Camelot in Merlin.

He also frequently gets involved in theatre productions, both as a director and a performer.

While he is best known for his character’s catchphrase “I don’t believe it!”, Wilson has grown tired over the years of saying it over and over again to fans.

The 86-year-old told the Guardian: “Most of them think they’re the only one who’s ever asked. Taxi drivers I get it from a lot. I suppose they’ve got me trapped.

“I feel a bit bad not saying it to kids but I’ve got to have my freedom. If it’s someone’s birthday I may say it.

“[When the phrase caught on, David [Renwick, the show’s creator] would allow it in one episode, then have the next one without it.

“Or he would just put in half the line: ‘I! Don’t!’ And that would be enough.”

Margaret Meldrew – Annette Crosbie

Margaret Meldrew is the wife of Victor, who is always on hand to give him a telling off as well as a cheering up.

Actress Annette Crosbie has been in various films since the series, including Into the Woods, Calendar Girls and Dad’s Army.

In recent years, she appeared in season two of Ricky Gervais’ black comedy-drama After Life on Netflix.

She now resides in Wimbledon and is a campaigner against cruelty for animals.

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Patrick Trench – Angus Deayton

Patrick Trench was the neighbour of Victor and Margaret Meldrew who was often getting into hilarious situations with the former.

Actor Angus Deayton was the host of BBC comedy series Have I Got News For You from 1990 until 2002 when it was reported he had taken cocaine and had sex with prostitutes.

He has since appeared in Pramface, Death in Paradise and Waterloo Road.

Pippa Trench – Janine Duvitski

Pippa is Patrick’s wife who eventually became good friends with Margaret, despite their husbands’ antics.

Actress Janine Duvitski has featured in shows like Little Dorrit, Benidorm, My Family, Doctors, as well as the 2002 movie About A Boy.

Jean Warboys – Doreen Mantle

Actress Doreen Mantle was behind Jean Warboys who was a close friend of Margaret’s.

The 96-year-old South African actress went on to appear in shows such as Doc Martin, Casualty, Jonathan Creek, Coronation Street and The Bill.

One Foot in the Grave is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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