Here's why The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira nearly missed out on the role of Michonne

We can’t imagine anyone other than Danai Gurira playing Michonne in The Walking Dead, if we’re being honest.

However, we may have had to contend with someone else taking on the role of the sword-wielding, zombie-slaying badass if Gurira had gone with another part shortly before.

“A year before, I had a TV job being offered to me that wasn’t where my heart was,” she recalled in an episode of PBS’ Breaking Big series. “If I had taken it, I never would have been available to audition for Michonne.”

Well, thank goodness she didn’t go with it!

Speaking about taking the role, Gurira admitted she was drawn to the war element of The Walking Dead, as well as the depth of Michonne’s character.

“What I loved about The Walking Dead was that it felt like a war zone,” she said. “It felt like you could take out the zombies and replace it with a society that collapses.

“When I watched it and read the graphic novel and started to research Michonne, she felt like one of the women I’d researched during my time creating Eclipsed and what I’d researched when I was looking at Liberia.”

“She felt like a woman of war,” she continued, comparing her character to the “women in Liberian war, [who] turn themselves into their own weapon, into their own army, and find a whole different kind of strength in themselves, as a result”.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC in the US, and on FOX and Now TV in the UK.

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