Here's how Meghan Markle was written out of Suits in season 7 finale

Warning! Spoilers for the season 7 finale of Suits lie ahead.

Meghan Markle is married! Not to Prince Harry (just yet), but to Mike Ross in Suits.

In last night’s (April 25) season seven finale of Suits, fans finally got to see Meghan in a wedding dress as her character Rachel Crane got her fairy tale ending at last.

Unsurprisingly, however, that’s where Meghan’s journey in Suits officially ends – after all, you can’t expect her to juggle royal duties and shooting a TV series.

So, how did the show write out long-time character Rachel and her new husband Mike?

Shortly before their wedding, fans saw Mike approached by another lawyer Andy Forsyth, who wants the happy couple to run his new firm in Seattle.

Despite a few hiccups along the way, Rachel works her magic and convinces the two that “now is the time” to move forward together and take the next step in their careers.

Don’t you just love a happy ending?

Interestingly, Suits‘ creator Aaron Korsh had his idea for Rachel’s exit storyline all sewed up before Meghan and Prince Harry’s engagement was announced.

“I made a decision early on — I don’t remember exactly when in the season, but Meghan’s relationship looked like it was going well.

“And if that was the case, I guessed that if she married a prince that she wasn’t going to stay on the show,” he revealed.

Explaining his idea for art imitating life, Korsh said: “We decided, in our hearts, to bank on her finding love and kind of having a fairy tale ending in her own life and assuming that good things were going to happen for her.”

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Suits airs on USA in the US and on Netflix in the UK.

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