Here’s the full Love Island story involving Jack’s brother featured on the show

Tonight, things are set to get heated during the much-anticipated headline challenge.

The Islanders finally get to find out what the public think about them as two teams have to guess the missing words in the various media headlines.

And one of the headlines could cause yet more friction between Jack and Dani as they are asked the missing words for the headline: "Love Island boy Jack Fincham’s brother says Dani Dyer is not his BLANK BLANK of girl."

So what was this all about?

Last month, Jack’s younger brother, Oliver, admitted he was pretty shocked to see the couple together after admitting that Dani is not Jack’s usual type, stating she and his ex Keeley Macguire look completely different.

Oliver told New magazine when asked if she is his type on paper: "Not really. His ex-girlfriend was a blonde. But he goes by personality."

"She seems like a nice girl. They’re on the same level and well suited," he continued, confirming that while she may not match his usual type in looks, they seem a hit with chemistry.

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Many people have also commented on the fact Jack has liked lots of Dani’s Instagram posts since being in the villa, where the Islanders do not have access to social media.

But Oliver explained this as well, revealing: "He didn’t know her before. It’s me and a friend who have Jack’s Instagram and my mate went through her posts and liked the pictures."

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It’s not been plain sailing for the cutesy couple after Dani discovered at the start of the series that Jack had cheated on both his previous girlfriends.

She was really upset and even had a few tears, especially when he tried to tell her there were "only two," as any cheating is bad in her books.

But Oliver is certain Jack won’t do the same thing to her.

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He said: "I don’t think Dani has anything to worry about.

"She can trust Jack one hundred per cent. Fingers crossed it’s the real deal with them."

Danny Dyer, Dani’s famous dad, apparently shed a tear when he saw that she was upset with Jack, so her new beau may have a lot to answer to if the pair remain a couple on the outside.

Love Island airs weekdays and Sundays from 9pm on ITV2.

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