Heartbreaking moment David Platt tells Shona that Josh raped him on Corrie

David Platt finally opened up to Shona Ramsay about his horrifying rape ordeal this evening.

This came after David found out about Aidan Connor’s heartbreaking suicide and re-evaluated his own dark thoughts.

After David went missing from his court appearance, Shona eventually found him in the community garden.

It was then that he blurted out that Josh Tucker had raped him.

Revealing that Josh had drugged his drink with GHB, David tearfully explained that Josh had taken him back to his flat – which was where he attacked him.

"Why didn’t I realise?" Shona asked.

But David insisted: "I was too ashamed to say anything and I was worried that anything I did say you wouldn’t believe me or you’d have thought I was making it up."

He then began crying and Shona told him to look at her, saying, "I do believe you. I believe every word you’ve said."

After she said that she had his back, he asked her not to say that.

When she asked why, he replied: "Because he said that."

Later, she told him that she loved him and tried to get him to go to the police, but David refused.

"No, I’m not telling anyone else," David insisted. "I only told you because – what with everything that’s going on in my head, I know I’d have ended up like Aidan. And I’m really sorry to lay it on you like that…"

Shona interrupted him and said that she wasn’t going to push him and that anything he decided, she would support him every step of the way.

"I couldn’t bear to lose you like the Connors have lost Aidan," she said.

"I came so close," David responded shakily. "But I’ve told you and I love you. I love you so much and if today’s taught me anything it’s that, thank god. I want to live."

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