HBO “Winding Down” Its Late-Night Adult Programming For Lack Of “Strong Demand”

There’s a reason HBO subscribers might have noticed less late-night raciness from the premiun cabler lately. Turns out the ramp-down of skin-baring programming quietly has been in full schwing for a while now.

“Over the past several years HBO has been winding down its late-night adult fare,” the premium cabler said in a statement. “While we’re greatly ramping up our other original program offerings, there hasn’t been a strong demand for this kind of adult programming, perhaps because it’s easily available elsewhere.”

That seemingly tacked-on last part might be the most significant. Whereas premium TV was once a hummina-hummina haven, there certainly is no shortage of adult fare available at the click of a mouse nowadays. HBO’s statement also notes the long goodbye to racy programmming, which defies any notion that the change might have something to do with AT&T being its new parent company.

And of course, there remains plenty of not-ready-for-network-primetime sex in such signature HBO series as Game of Thrones and Westworld. There’s also The Deuce, the drama series set during the rise of the porn industry in 1970s New York. Season 2 of that show starring James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal premieres September 9.

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