Happy Birthday, Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Iconic Duo Turn 91 Days After Disney+ Launch

Happy Birthday to Disney’s favorite couple!

Monday marks Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s 91st birthday as on Nov. 18, 1928, the pair made their first debut with the iconic animated movie Steamboat Willie.

The short black-and-white film was not only notable for launching the Mickey and Minnie Mouse empire, but it was also the first with synchronized sound, initiating the move away from silent animation, according to the Museum of Modern Art.

Steamboat Willie first opened at New York’s Colony Theater, but it was such a hit that two weeks after its premiere, Disney decided to rerelease it in what was then the largest theatre in the world, Roxy Cinema in New York.

Mickey and Minnie’s birthday comes just days after Disney’s successful launch of their new streaming service, Disney+ on Nov. 13.

Just one day after the debut, Disney announced that over 10 million users had signed up to binge the hundreds of titles available.

That number is reportedly above and beyond Disney’s initial expectations. According to Variety, analysts had projected that Disney+ would achieve 8 million subscribers by the end of 2019. Instead, the streaming service managed to score 2 million more subscribers than their projection in just 24 hours.

In a statement, Disney said it has no plans to release further subscriber data.

The regular subscription for Disney+ costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. The service can also be bundled with ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99 per month.

The service comes with an overload of feature films, TV shows and animated series. Two of Disney+’s most anticipated original shows include The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars TV show, and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

The library also includes 100 Disney Channel Original Movies, every Star Wars movie, over a dozen of the Marvel films, the Pirates of the Caribbean films and even cult classics like Newsies. Several National Geographic Channel shows are also available, as are all 30 seasons of The Simpsons. 

Plus, just about every animated classic in the Disney vault can be streamed. Yes, that includes Steamboat Willie.

Disney+ is available for streaming now.

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