Hancock in stitches at idea of Corbyn running the country – ‘My God, it would be awful!’

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Matt Hancock erupted into fits of laughter as he was asked about former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The Health Secretary was being grilled on BBC Breakfast about the Government’s numerous U-turns on different issues, including the school exam results fiasco. Mr Hancock mocked the ex-Opposition leader and warned that his response to the coronavirus crisis would have been “awful”.

Host Jon Kay asked: “If Jeremy Corbyn had won the election and was in power now and had changed his policy as many times as you have in the last few weeks, what would you be saying about his leadership and the way he’s running the country?”

Mr Hancock laughed: “Well, thank goodness Jeremy Corbyn isn’t running the country. My God, it would be awful.

“We are using all of the science available, we’re using all of the resources of the country, public and private sector.

“We’re working very closely together to do everything we possibly can to both keep people safe and also restore some of the freedoms to get people back to work.”

He added: “And to get people back to school which I’m really glad to see is happening everywhere in the country.”

Mr Corbyn had stepped down from his position as Labour leader after a devastating loss at the 2019 general election.

Labour had suffered its worst defeat since 1935 while the Conservative Party gained an 80-seat majority.

Mr Kay stressed the concern of the Government’s rapid policy changes and U-turns in recent months.

The BBC host quoted an anonymous senior Conservative backbencher who had made a scathing remark about his own party’s strategy.

The quote read: “Too often it looks like this Government licks its finger, sticks it in the air and looks to see which way the wind is blowing.”

Mr Hancock defended his Government: “People understand that we’re in an unprecedented situation.”

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The Health Secretary continued: “We’re dealing with a virus which we increasingly know more about.

“We’re also dealing with a virus which suddenly expands in areas.

“We get a whole outburst of cases whether it’s another country or this country, and therefore we have to take action.

“If the numbers change then, of course, we’ll change the action.

“We’ll move swiftly and decisively to do what’s necessary to control the virus.”

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