Hailee Steinfeld & John Cena Bring Explosive ‘Bumblebee’ Footage To CinemaCon

You thought you had seen the last of ‘Transformers’, but you were wrong! ‘Bumblebee’ just dropped its first footage at CinemaCon and it has us VERY excited about this new chapter in the ‘Transformers’ series!

Hailee Steinfeld, 21, is going to charm us all with her role in Bumblebee. The young star plays Charlie Watson, a teenager who has just turned 18 years old and received her first car: a beat up yellow VW bug. However, she quickly learns it is no ordinary vehicle — it’s a Transformer! Hailee was on hand at CinemaCon on Wednesday, April 25 along with her co-star, John Cena, 41, to reveal a scene from the film.

In the scene, we are briefly introduced to Hailee’s Charlie as she wakes up to start her day. It’s the 80s so she’s listening to her Walkman, but when she turns it off she hears the music playing elsewhere in the house. The sound leads her to the garage where she finds her bright yellow VW bug mysteriously playing music. When she goes under the car to see what might be wrong she accidentally discovers Bumblebee’s face — which alarms them both. He transforms right there in her garage and as she goes to run away she realizes he’s more afraid of her than she is of him. It’s the beginning of a surely unbreakable bond that will tug at the heart strings in between all of the action. Bumblee hits theaters on December 21, 2018.

In addition to Bumblebee, Paramount touted a handful of other projects at CinemaCon. They revealed the first trailer for Instant Family, a comedy about a couple who decide to adopt and the struggles that go along with that decision. We were also introduced to Overlord, a horror movie set in the World War II time period right around D-Day. As JJ Abrams described it, the footage shown was “batshit crazy”.

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