Guilt season 2 release time: What time does the BBC drama return?

Guilt: BBC tease second season of the drama

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Guilt is back after a two-year wait, once again airing on BBC Two. Most of the main cast is returning, with Max McCall (played by Mark Bonnar) once again leading the team. has all the details on the new season and when to expect it.

What time does Guilt return?

Since the release of season one, fans have been calling for the return of Guilt on the BBC.

Following a two-year wait, some viewers were concerned a sequel would never come, but luckily that isn’t the case.

Last year the BBC confirmed the return of the show, promising a 2021 release date.

However, the series suffered from several delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but to the relief of fans, it has navigated the challenges. 

Indeed, the new season will premiere at 9pm on October 14 on BBC Two.

What is Guilt season two about?

The second season will see Max released from prison for manslaughter following the events of season one.

He is now looking to rebuild his life, bitter over what happened to him in the first season.

Piece by piece he will reclaim the life he had before, finding that there is still plenty to be hopeful about.

But of course, the journey won’t be easy and will be fraught with challenges outside of his control.

Series writer Neil Forsyth teased the plot for season two in an official statement, promising the show will be much darker than season one.

Forsyth said: “I greatly enjoy people telling me that this series is darker.

“The first series started with Max and Jake running over and killing an elderly man and then illegally moving his corpse!

“I honestly couldn’t say if it’s darker or not, it wasn’t a conscious decision, it’s just how the story and the characters came out.”

Who is in the cast of Guilt season two?

Most of the main cast is returning, once again led by Mark Bonnar as Max McCall.

He will be joined once again by Stuart Bowman as Roy Lynch and Rochelle Neil as Yvonne.

However, this season will see Sara Vickers join the show as Erin, Roy’s daughter.

Speaking to The Scotsman, the star teased her character, explaining: “She’s an entrepreneur, she’s done her own thing, but now it’s falling apart and she’s pushed to do things she’s wanted to do for years.”

The BBC recently dropped the trailer for the season, sparking a frenzy of excitement online.

During the trailer, Roy can be seen saying to Max: “If you’re looking for salvation, you should aim a little lower.”

Fans have been sharing their excitement for season two, with many of them commenting on the trailer of the sequel.

Mark Lee wrote on YouTube: “Can’t wait, best thing I’ve seen on TV in ages.”

“Awesome, the first series was fantastic,” Will added.

Guilt season 2 will premiere on BBC Two at 9pm on October 14.

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