Gregg Wallace recoils as MasterChef’s Gemma Collins mistakes chilli pepper for cranberries

Celebrity Masterchef: Gemma Collins shocks Gregg with chilli shot

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Gregg Wallace and John Torode were back in the MasterChef kitchen on Thursday evening as they welcomed back former celebrity contestants Joe Swash, Gemma Collins, Reverend Richard Coles, Mica Paris and Les Dennis for a festive edition of the BBC cooking show. In the end, it was Richard who was crowned the Golden Whisk winner on the evening but undoubtedly one of the most talked-about dishes of the contest went to Gemma.

And it wasn’t exactly for all the right reasons as the first festive-themed dish Gemma rustled up for Gregg and John contained chilli – rather than the cranberries the TOWIE star thought she’d used.

The Celebrity MasterChef narrator explained the details of Gemma’s first Christmassy dish to BBC viewers, saying: “Gemma has made a British sticky figgy pudding with a brandy-infused butterscotch sauce topped with a praline shard and fresh chilli. 

“She’s added a festive dusting of edible glitter and a shot of clementine, lime, brandy, chilli and ginger.”

But while those at home were aware Gemma had topped her pudding with chilli, it appeared the former Dancing on Ice star was none the wiser as she was under the impression she’d used cranberries.

Spotting the festive shot on the plate, Gregg began: “Do you mind if I have a taste of my shot first before I commit?”

“Go for it,” Gemma encouraged but just moments later, Gregg began to grimace: “Whoa, whoa!”

“Now you can cleanse your palate with the lime,” Gemma added.

“Mate, cleanse your palate? You could cleanse your bath tiles as well,” Gregg joked, prompting laughter from the GC.

Understandably apprehensive of what lied ahead with the pudding, Gregg moved and asked: “Have you put chilli on here as well?”

But Gemma reassured him he was safe from spice with the sweet treat: “No, they’re cranberries.”

However, after taking one nibble, Gregg recoiled as he realised Gemma had gotten her wires crossed.

“Whoa!” Gregg shouted as Gemma put her hand to her mouth. “That’s a chilli!”

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“Maybe the brandy got to me,” a mortified Gemma replied.

Despite the mix-up and after delving into the cake itself, Gregg and John were still full of praise for Gemma’s effort.

“Your sponge isn’t too dry at all, it’s nice and moist, and it’s light,” Gregg began. “I love your butterscotch sauce. Putting brandy in there, I think, is inspired.

“Absolutely lovely,” he continued but there was still room for improvement as Gregg pointed out: “Your praline is a little too thick. The red chilli that you thought was cranberry is a little bit too much.”

John then weighed in: “Inside that pudding, lots and lots of ginger powder. It’s great. Brandy flavouring your sauce is really good, and I love the glitter across the top.”

Despite Gemma’s best efforts, Richard emerged victorious at the end of the evening.

“I am absolutely delighted,” he said after his victory. “This is wonderful. 

“I think the parish will want to take the whisk in procession around the town where the townspeople will come out and fall to their knees and worship the historic and holy golden whisk of MasterChef.”

The Celebrity MasterChef Christmas special is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now.

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