Greg Wise to Use ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Stint as Tribute to Late Sister

The ‘Sense and Sensibility’ actor, who lost sister Clare to cancer years ago, admits he cannot dance, but is thrilled over his upcoming participation on the British competition show.

AceShowbiz -“Sense & Sensibility” star Greg Wise signed on to waltz and salsa on British show “Strictly Come Dancing” as a tribute to his late sister.

The actor, who is married to Emma Thompson, moved in with his sister Clare to help her battle cancer in the final months of her life.

He admits she would have loved the idea of her little brother appearing on the television dance floor – and he’s sure she’ll be cheering him on from heaven.

“The relationship isn’t over, the relationship continues,” he explains. “Death doesn’t stop you having a relationship with someone. They just don’t answer back.”

“Clare was a huge disco queen. She left our world almost exactly five years ago in a glitter ball coffin. This is for her. My gorgeous Diva sis, who would have been insane with excitement that her little bro was doing this.”

“I will channel her, as her bro can’t dance – but I’m thrilled to be dipping my toes, knees, hips and arms into this wonderful world, and hope to make her proud, and obviously make her laugh.”

Recalling the last minute he spent with his late sister, Greg said, “I wiped her face. I held her hand. I kissed her forehead. I told her I loved her. I said how unbelievable we had both been, but I said it was all just getting too f***ed-up now.” He added, “I told her that she didn’t have to worry, that everything was sorted. And I told her she could go now, if she wanted to.”

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