Gordon Ramsay swears 128 times and claims he needs a doctor after eating spicy chicken wings in TV interview

The 52-year-old star appeared on an online show called Hot Ones, where interviewees have to eat increasingly spicy chicken wings while answering questions.

The culinary master, who is renowned for his cursing at the best of times, dropped the F bomb an extraordinary 128 times during the half-hour chat.

He also threw in a few "s***ts" for good measure as he sweated profusely, swigging water and blasting lemon and lime into his mouth.

The chef looked like he'd met his match during the Q&A after he ate a wing with mind-blowingly hot Reaper sauce, which has a Scoville level of 116,000.

At one point he wails: “I feel like that’s burning a new ring in my f***ing arse. S***. Now I know what that f***ing song means, Ring of Fire. Was that Johnny Cash?”

Gordon, by now drenched with sweat concluded: “F*** off! Right now I need to see a f***ing doctor. F*** yourself!”

At one point it looked like he couldn't go on, while being questioned about his documentaries, but the brave chef soldiered on – saying he was doing it for his kids.

Judging by his incredible reactions in the video, we reckon they'll be in hysterics.


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