Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins ‘exhausted’ after blood clot scare

Good Morning Britain'sCharlotte Hawkins revealed she had to go to hospital when her leg went numb, over fears she had a blood clot after suffering from Covid-19.

Kate Garraway, 54, asked Ben to "indulge her" for a moment as she wanted to welcome Charlotte, 46, back, and asked how she was feeling after her illness.

"Yesterday I had a situation with my leg that went completely numb. I rang the doctors and I had to go and have it checked for a suspected blood clot," explained Charlotte.

"It wasn't, luckily, which I'm very grateful for. I sort of assumed because I'd been lucky enough to have [Covid] mildly that I'd emerge from this and thought everything would get better," she added.

"There are so many people living with strange after symptoms."

Ben asked: "We're used to tiredness when coming off air, but this is a very different sort of tiredness."

"Absolutely, it's exhaustion. I come straight back home and go to bed, I can't do anything," continued Charlotte.

"I mean I was obviously really grateful that I had just mild symptoms," Charlotte said.

"I had extreme tiredness at the time and cold-like symptoms. Coming back to work on Monday, I felt okay and then just absolute exhaustion hit me and that's kind of how I've felt all week this week and that sort of really wobbly feeling, the brain fog."

"They're still trying to understand what the after effects of Covid are."

Some viewers, however, were cross as they thought Kate talked over Charlotte.

"I adore Kate and I appreciated #Covid is a sensitive subject for her to cover but she needs to stop talking over people, the chat with Charlotte was cringe. #GMB," said one.

"Kate can't help herself let Charlotte speak," fumed someone else.

Fans rushed to send their well wishes to Charlotte.

"Important to share and hope you recover Charlotte," praised one.

"Awful times you are having, can only wish you a good recovery in time. Look after yourself as best you can. You were lucky in not having blood clots. Take care, sending love," added a fan.

"Hope you are back to your best as soon as possible Charlotte," wished another.

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