Gogglebox’s Stephen Lustig-Wigg teases ‘big plans’ for show’s 10th anniversary

Gogglebox's Stephen Lustig-Wigg has revealed that there could be some big reunion plans on the cards for the show's cast, as he says the producers are planning something special.

The Daily Star caught up with Stephen at the afterparty of the TRIC Awards to discuss his role on the future of the Channel 4 show.

When asked if the cast members ever meet up, he said that they didn't as they were "spread all over the country", but said this could change soon.

Agreeing that it was a shame and that the idea of all of the cast members in a room together would be a great idea Stephen revealed that this could be happening in the near future.

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Stephen said: "Well, I think there is something on the cards for the 10th anniversary. I mean, there has to be, but that's all I can tell you right now."

As Stricly Come Dancing and I'm a Celebrity…. season gears up, the couple reveal that they are excited to get stuck into both of the new series but would never consider going on any of the shows themselves.

Stephen said: "No why would we go and eat bugs in the jungle? When we get paid to be at home to eat Pizza Hut.

Daniel then added: "Plus. we can dance on the sofa!"

During his Gogglebox reign, Stephen, along with the other cast members are allowed a takeaway allowance and you can often witness the cast munching on their deliveries.

When asked what they usually go for and what the budget is, Stephen's partner Daniel said: "I order organic wine and sushi, where he's more like curry and a beer.

Stephen added: "They are happy for anything – I don't know if we've got a budget, to be fair I've never tried."

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Daniel then jokingly added: "I haven't tried any Moët or anything yet, but we should though…"

Earlier in the evening, Stephen was also left red-faced as he mistakenly asked the Bake Off finalist if he was a journalist, leading to an awkward exchange between the pair.

Dave, who came second on Bake Off, was stunned but laughed off the mistake.

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