Where did it all go wrong for Stephen Bear? Stephen himself sets the record straight

When Stephen Bear was crowned winner of Celebrity Big brother 2016, the nation was divided. Some were thrilled that the fairly handsome cockney wide-boy had beaten bigger stars like Lewis Bloor, Marnie Simpson and Sam Fox to scoop the title, while others were appalled that he had done so well after displaying some repellent behaviour during his stay in the house.

If you didn’t see the show, he did practically everything to offend – cheated on his girlfriend Lillie with pneumatic glamour girl Chloe Khan, hurled coffee over radio presenter James Whale during a heated spat and was generally aggressive and pretty unpleasant.

TOWIE’s Charlie King was so appalled by the lad’s behaviour that he publicly blasted him for appearing to have “no morals” and for acting like “he barely had a braincell in his head”.

“I don’t get why people like Stephen Bear, who seemed to piss off a lot of viewers with their aggressive behaviour on CBB, continue to succeed” he said. ” I do think this kind of behaviour does set the bar of what people can do and say and think ‘Oh I can get away with speaking to people like this.’ I think it isn’t the best tone to set. That worries me. I don’t get influenced by people like that cos I am intelligent and I’m older I know when someone’s moral compass is wrong.”

In spite of that Bear landed himself a presenting gig on MTVs cleverly monikered Just Tattoo Of Us, and bagged a girlfriend in the shape of reality queen Charlotte Crosby.

For a while they were Reality TVs answer to Meghan and Harry and everyone wanted a piece of them. A slew of appearances on This Morning and Loose Women followed.

The world, it seemed, was their oyster and money and opportunities started pouring in. Stephen was among the most popular reality stars.

But then, all change. No sooner had they moved in together – detailed in lavish spreads in OK! – than he and Charlotte suddenly went all ‘Steph and Jez’ on us and started fighting over Snapchat, breaking up and getting back together, accusing each other of all sorts of shenanigans. The exchanges on social media weren’t pretty and public perception of Bear drastically changed.

While we saw Charlotte hurt and in agony, Stephen appeared more angry and showed no sign of compassion for his ex, which went down like a plop sandwich with their supporters, even though some defended hm and reckoned he was merely hurt and being defensive.

The result? The public seemed to take Charlotte’s side and Stephen Bear fell out of favour with fans and TV people as his appearances dried up, sales of his autobiography The Bear Necessities tanked and he was ditched from Just Tattoo Of Us in favour of Charlotte’s old Geordie Shore mate Scotty T.

To add insult to injury, Charlotte and Scotty have trashed him. “Scott did a much better job than Bear,” Charlotte sniped this week. “He totally brought a new level of greatness to the show. He’s more funny, he’s more warm, he’s more crazy, and he’s definitely more witty.”

Viewers agreed with the couple, with many saying Scott was a better fit on the show. Ouch!

Although Bear’s personal life is now looking up – he’s dating a girl called Ellie – he has recently been forced to deny reports that he was responsible for the death of his dog, which died after having a leg amputated.

After such an illustrious start to his career, Stephen now appears to be yesterday’s news and aside from dubious news reports we’ve heard very little from him. But can he pull himself out of this rut. Can the public fall in love with him again? Has he changed?

We decided to track him down to ask him some tough questions about where he thought it all went wrong. He’s adamant that life is still rosy and doesn’t actually look back with regret, regardless of what many think. Hmmm…

Stephen, some people felt you came a cross as a bit of knob in the CBB house – you cheated on your girlfriend Lillie and were a general tool. Do you look back and have any regrets?

At the end of the day, I won the show. My actions while I was in the house reflected that and it was clearly what the public wanted to see. If I’d been mild and quiet, would I really have won?

Yeah but some of your behaviour wasn’t great, was it?

My feedback from fans has always been that they loved me in the house and wouldn’t change a thing – and neither would I. Lillie and I were about to break up anyway, and we’ve made peace with the situation since. I’m really happy to hear she’s pregnant.

Charlie King said you weren’t a very good role model and didn’t deserve the success you had. Looking back do you agree?

I don’t think it’s fair how someone on a reality show can judge someone else on a reality show. I look after my family, I pay my bills, I make people laugh and I have a lovely girlfriend called Ellie. I don’t see which part of me is a bad role model.

But cheating on your girlfriend on TV, being aggressive, that’s not great is it?

I didn’t hurt anyone. People just like to pick on me because I’m a bit different and that’s unfair. Being different doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

No, but some might argue throwing coffee over an older gent like James Whale does.

Well, that’s in the past, we made our peace. Maybe I do regret doing that. But I get angry, as we all do.

For a while things looked great for you. But there were rumours you let it go to your head.

At the end of the day, I’ve just moved out of my mum and dad’s house into my own home and I’ve lived there for all that time. My family are the most important things to me and I don’t hang round with celebrities, I hang round with my family. If that’s letting fame go to your head, it means something very different. Of course, I was thrilled to get Just Tattoo Of Us and I’ve got no regrets about doing the show.

And being dropped from the show?

It was just time to naturally move on.

Nothing to do with the fact that Charlotte was the star of the show?

I hope the show continues to be successful.

You and Charlotte were a bit of a reality power couple. Was it for real? There were doubts!

I never saw Charlotte and I as a power couple. To me, we were literally a couple. She was my girlfriend, we did normal things together and that was it. Of course we were in the public eye and it made things different but feeling comfortable didn’t come into it. I was just comfortable in the relationship all the while it was good. Then it came to a natural end.

Things haven’t been going so great recently, have they? Your book didn’t do all that well – did you feel the public’s love had started to fade?

My book was written before I started dating Charlotte, so that was years ago now. I’m really happy with how it turned out and everyone on my Twitter seemed to absolutely love it.

We haven’t seen you on TV for a while – have the offers stop coming in?

Well, I’m non-stop busy with PAs and sponsored posts as my following is well over a million so nothing has really slowed down yet!

Charlotte and Scotty haven’t been all that nice about you since they started presenting Just Tattoo Of Us together – what’s your response to that?

I’m not sure what they’ve said. Is it bad? I don’t tend to tune in to people slagging me off. I didn’t see a single episode of her show.

Really, but weren’t you curious – you used to date?

Yeah but why would I watch my ex, when I have new girlfriend? What people have to say is their opinion and doesn’t interest me. Only the people that love me impact on my life.

There was a lot of hoo-ha about the death of your dog – some accused you of killing him.

It’s unimaginable what happened. Just imagine coming down and finding your puppy dead in a blanket. I’m still heartbroken about it but the vets and other professionals have told me that it wasn’t my fault so anyone saying otherwise is absolutely wrong.

You’ve been around a fair bit now. Have you learnt any lessons and tried to re-evaluate your life a bit?

I re-evaluate my life and goals every day, I’ve got so much on the horizon and so much I want to do and say. Having just bought my own home, I’m concentrating on making that amazing at the moment, and enjoying being with Ellie, who is literally the best person ever!

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