GMB’s Susanna Reid praised for quizzing MP on mass self isolation in schools

Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Martin Lewis have welcomed MP Nick Gibb onto the show this morning to discuss coronavirus in schools and the struggles both children and parents are having at the moment.

Susanna questioned whether the plans reported to scrap mass self isolation in schools could potentially go ahead this term.

The answers remained unclear as Nick Gibb, Minister of State at the Department for Education, shared data and details – but Susanna pressed him for answers once more.

Returning to her original question, she said: "But is there any chance that you can implement that policy before the end of the term?"

Fans were quick to praise Susanna over quizzing the MP, with one user writing: "Thank you Susanna Reid for asking Nick Gibb about mass isolation in schools, a far more urgent issue than mobile phones at school."

Another added: "Here so goes back onto the Covid questioning! Stop testing and isolating children."

Others followed by saying that their youngsters were self-isolating once again, expressing that it is a big problem, particularly for working parents.

One person wrote: "My daughter is off again as are most of her secondary school. This needs to stop."

Susanna added that she herself had her children off school due to self-isolating and it has been a concern – particularly for parents who don't get paid time off.

Martin followed up with Nick Gibb, asking: "So does that mean it's definitely not happening until September?"

Nick Gibb explained that the plans put in place will depend on the outcome of the trial, adding that schools have been told to prepare for onsite testing after the summer break.

Due to the growing concerns of parents who have had to take unpaid time off, Martin – turning into his Money Expert self – informed parents of the government grant.

He said: "If you're told by schools that your children cannot go to school and you can't go to work or work from home it's the same as the test and trace rules.

"You could be entitled to the £500 government grant."

Trials are going on at the moment to see if children can avoid mass isolation, but the outcome of it is yet to be confirmed.

GMB returns tomorrow on ITV from 6am.

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