GMB backlash: Richard Madeley hit with complaints over ‘darling’ remark

GMB: Richard Madeley calls Insulate Britain protestor 'darling'

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During last Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain, ITV hosts Richard Madeley and Ranvir Singh welcomed an Insulate Britain activist onto the show after the campaign group warned motorists not to use the M25. However, Richard sparked outrage with viewers after he called Insulate Britain campaigner “darling”. He went on to point out he’d “already got into trouble” for using that sort of language.

It has since been revealed by TV watchdog Ofcom that the programme received 51 complaints from viewers regarding the episode which saw Richard apologise for his remarks.

Richard began the interview by asking Tracey about the woman who suffered a stroke and couldn’t get to a hospital because of the protests.

The host said: “You’ve been quoted in interviews [talking] about people who can’t for example get to hospital appointments or operations or very serious emergencies like the woman who suffered a stroke in a car and couldn’t get to the hospital because the road was blocked.

“She was with her son helpless to help her and she’s now paralysed on one side, she can’t speak and doctors have said conclusively had she got to hospital uninterrupted she wouldn’t be in that state now – so that is a direct result of your protest.”

He continued: “So let me ask you personally straight away what if that woman had been your mother?

“Would you still think you’d done the right thing if you’d put your mother into a coma?”

Tracey hit back at Richard by saying she was finding it challenging speaking about it in the ITV studio.

She replied: “But what I find myself thinking all the time is why after six weeks are journalists still focussed on the what we’re doing and not the why. Is it because you’re heartless or too scared to face the truth, Richard?”

“I promise you we’re going to keep the lid on this and have a proper exchange here unlike the last one where your representative walked out after comparing himself to Winston Churchill,” Richard replied as he asked her the question again.

Tracey answered: “Please anyone if you know somebody is having a stroke call an ambulance that’s the responsible thing to do.

“If it was my mum of course at the time I’d be furious but then when you go home you have to look at the reality.

“Three to four years to save the future of humanity – do you know what that means for our children? I’m genuinely perplexed why journalists are not asking the right questions here – do you know what a two-degree world looks like?”

“You’ve mentioned your children, darling,” Richard interrupted before apologising to Tracey for his use of the word. “Sorry to call yourself darling it’s a habit of mine.”

“You’ve already been told off sweetheart,” Tracey told him.

At the time, viewers took to social media to air their frustration. Howard raged: “Is that twice now I’ve heard Richard call someone darling, so patronising!!! #gmb” (sic)

User Pickle penned: “Richard really is patronising, why does he keep calling female guests ‘darling’ & other things he doesn’t say to the male guests.” (sic)

“Callous of #GMB to bring on an obviously vulnerable woman, who was misled into thinking that Richard Madeley is a journalist, darling,” Tom wrote.

While user @Grassburn tweeted: “That was brilliant to watch. Richard Madeley apologising for calling her Darling as its a ‘showbiz thing’ killed me Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy #GMB.” (sic)

Lulu commented: “Please don’t do the ‘darling’ thing @richardm56. It IS patronising, it’s not a showbiz thing. Would you say it to @devisridhar for example? Eh no, didn’t think so. Come on, you’re better than that #gmb.”

“Triggered before she even starts. And then he calls her darling! Hilarious,” Jim tweeted.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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