Our Girl star Michelle Keegan hints that show will return after series three finale

Warning! This article contains spoilers for the season three finale of Our Girl.

After a breathtaking penultimate episode and an even more intense season finale, fans of military drama Our Girl have been left confused over the show’s future.

In today’s (July 24) final episode, the latest run of the popular BBC series ended on a devastating cliffhanger – one that has led many to believe the show is over for the 2 Section.

But despite apparently jumping to her (probable) death along with the rest of her team, Our Girl‘s star Michelle Keegan has now teased that it might not actually be the end for Georgie Lane.

In a special video message shared on Twitter, Michelle thanked fans for watching the series before promising that she would see everyone “soon”. Very interesting word, that.

Digital Spy has reached out to the BBC for comment.

Confusing us further, Michelle paid an emotional tribute to the cast and crew of Our Girl on Twitter, thanking them for the “memories” – which all seems very… final.

“What a journey, what an experience, what an amazing bunch of people. Thank you for the memories guys,” she wrote ahead of tonight’s finale.

“Thank you to everybody who has tuned in over the weeks, your support has been everything !!”

So, has Michelle handed the Our Girl baton to yet another fierce solider, or is she just teasing us? Only time will tell.

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