'General Hospital': The Sante Ship Is In Full Sail, Sonny Declares War

If you’re a General Hospital fan who also loves a good ship, The Powers That Be has a special treat in store for you. In the upcoming weeks, the “Sante” (Sam & Dante) ship will be in full sail. Fans already got a taste of what’s to come with yesterday’s episodes, where Dominic Zamprogna and Kelly Monaco “kept the fandom fed,” as the kids today say. But there’s more where that came from! Meanwhile, in non-romantic news, Sonny Corinthos goes full Sonny Corinthos as he declares war on Cyrus, promising more murder and bloodshed all over Port Charles. Buckle up, kids, because these next few weeks of General Hospital are going to be wild!

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of General Hospital are ahead.]

On ‘General Hospital,’ Sam and Dante are burning up the sheets

Sante shippers, rejoice: General Hospital is feeding you good in the coming weeks. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the first sign of beautiful things to come took place on yesterday’s episode, when it was all but exclusively dedicated to the new couple getting in bed together. Looking good, guys!

You can expect more of that to come in the week of December 10. “Dante and Sam will ultimately end up in the bedroom, where they’ll make love and deliver some steamy scenes for “Sante” fans,” reports the outlet.

This is definitely going to be a good couple of weeks for General Hospital fans that are Sante shippers. And, for what it’s worth, it’s refreshing to see a new injection of romance. Dominic and Kelly have amazing chemistry, and their characters understand each other better than most.

Quartermaine drama abounds!

Not a Sante shipper? Not a problem: General Hospital still has you covered. This is also definitely going to be a week filled with Quartermaine drama. According to SoapHub, the first salvo is going to come in the form of a superbly pissed-off Valentin, who told Anna Devane that he can’t wait for Brook Lynn to “hurt.”

“Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is a broken man, having had his heart ripped out by Brook Lynn Quartermaine when she revealed he wasn’t her daughter’s daddy,” reports the outlet. “Finally, he opens up to Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), telling her all about having his heart broken. He tells her that if he has to hurt, then Brook Lynn will hurt too. Will this dark side be a turn-off for her?”

Anna Devane’s choice in men hasn’t been stellar over the years at General Hospital, so of course, we can expect that not even this will prevent her from going full-steam ahead into an affair with Valentin.

Meanwhile, Sonny wants Cyrus’s blood

Finally, the latest General Hospital spoilers from Soaps.com suggest that Sonny will be pulling out all the stops to get even with Cyrus. Corinthos wants blood — and whatever Sonny wants, Sonny gets. The outlet suggests that Sonny will team up with the likes of Mrs. Wu to take Cyrus down once and for all. Whether he succeeds, of course, will be revealed in future General Hospital episodes.

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