'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nina Questions Peter, Kiki Faces An Obstacle, And Nelle Seemingly Warns Michael

Tuesday’s episode of ‘General Hospital’ will have many in Port Charles scrambling after Peter’s rescue and ahead of Nelle’s scheme regarding Michael playing out

Viewers will not want to miss Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers hint at tense moments between Michael and Nelle coming, plus Jason will warn Chase not to mess things up with his plan. Peter has been rescued and he blamed solely Obrecht for his captivity, and Nina has questions about this. In addition, Kiki is worrying about her case while Griffin is asking Ava questions she doesn’t want to answer.

The sneak peek for the July 24 show reveals that Nina will visit Peter as he recovers and she’ll question why he didn’t reveal her role in his captivity. As SheKnows Soaps details, she’ll wonder about getting so lucky, and it sounds as if she’ll feel uncertain about whether Peter will really keep her out of this. General Hospital spoilers suggest that he’ll relay that he intends to stick with his story, likely noting her efforts at the end to help him.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Valentin will fall short in some way, and it seems likely that he’ll be hoping to have scored some brownie points with Nina after rescuing her. Soap Central indicates that he’ll come up against a new obstacle of sorts and it sounds as if he’ll continue to run up against roadblocks in his quest to win Nina back over again.


Kiki will meet with Alexis to discuss her case against Bensch and she may be presented with yet another setback. She’s been anxious about being able to win her case and the odds are certainly stacked against her, and she may be facing another blow as she prepares for court. Elsewhere in Port Charles, Griffin will press Ava on why she seems to be avoiding his questions. Both Griffin and Ava are hiding significant secrets from one another and General Hospital spoilers tease that these secrets may be revealed soon.

Chase, Michael, and Jordan are working on trapping Nelle and so far, she seems to be falling for it. General Hospital spoilers share that Jason will connect with Chase during Tuesday’s show and warn him not to mess up this plan while Michael inches forward in luring his new wife into his scheme. The two will have an intense talk where she seems to warn him against crossing her, as she’ll be intent on getting what she wants.

Tuesday’s show also brings more banter between Margaux and Drew, and viewers can expect to see these two in numerous scenes together in the coming weeks. General Hospital spoilers indicate that this week will have some great developments playing out, especially with the Nelle storyline, and the July 24 show will set the stage for some intense drama that’s on the way soon.

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