'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nelle's Scheming Escalates, Ava Asks Questions And Carly's Worries Raise Concerns

Nelle’s determined to destroy Carly and ‘General Hospital’ spoilers tease that this could get interesting as Ava’s involvement deepens.

Nelle Hayes has a plan and she is determined to follow it to the end no matter who tries to reason with her. Nelle has already been messing with Carly Corinthos, making her question whether her son Morgan Corinthos might still be alive, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that there are new developments coming with the episode airing on Wednesday, May 9.

Carly’s relationship with her daughter Josslyn Jacks has had its fair share of rocky moments lately, but General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Carly will try to smooth things over with Joss during the next show. As the two talk, Carly will make a snarky comment about how Nelle doesn’t make things easy. Josslyn will ask what happened this time, but it seems unlikely that Carly will go into much detail and Joss will surely try to defend her friend.

Nelle has been somewhat open with Ava about her plans and General Hospital spoilers share that the two women will chat during Wednesday’s show. Ava will ask Nelle what she has in store for Carly, and Nelle will look smug as she decides what to reveal. Ava’s distaste for Carly runs deep, but teasers have indicated that Ava may soon get to a point where even she believes Nelle has gone too far.

Sonny talked with his wife recently about what’s happened and he’s intensely concerned about her mental health. General Hospital spoilers note that he’ll open up to Michael about the situation and Michael will become quite worried about his mother as well. Of course, Michael has no idea that his supposed baby mama is the one causing all of this grief.

Soap Central reveals that Sonny’s concerns will carry into next week and there has been buzz swirling that Nelle may achieve her goals and send Carly back to a mental health institution. Will Nelle come out on top in this war or will Carly manage to turn the tables on her nemesis? General Hospital spoilers indicate that things will get crazy at the upcoming baby shower and fans won’t want to miss any of the drama that lies ahead.

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