Gemma Collins reveals big fertility breakthrough which led to arguments with Arg

Gemma Collins has revealed her big fertility breakthrough which means she won’t struggle to have children.

This time last year, TOWIE viewers saw Gemma break down in tears after a fertility specialist explained she had a low egg count, leaving her fearing she wouldn’t be able to have kids.

However, Gemma, 37, recently went for a second opinion and was told her follicles have started growing again and there is "no rush" for her to have a baby.

The "amazing news" has led to shocking arguments between the GC and boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent, 30, who doesn’t feel ready to become a dad.

The TOWIE power couple were on This Morning to put the record straight on their turbulent relationship – talking babies, weddings and true love.

Revealing all, Gemma said: "Well we’ve decided to, obviously I had some devastating news it wouldn’t be easy for me to have children.

"Recently I’ve got a second opinion my follicles have started growing again which is amazing. I burst into tears. The doctor said there’s no pressure, no rush to have kids.

"Since then we’ve argued a bit. In my head every girl wants this fairytale. You get that guy you want to be with, you dream of having the babies, sitting round the table.

"Now I know I can have the children lets enjoy me and James first."

Arg has agreed to put a rain check on Gemma’s baby plans until they are settled in their realtionship.

On whether he would like children one day, Arg said: "Absolutely. My mum is a child minder. Since I was a kid Ive been used to kids coming out of the house, playing in the garden. I love kids.

"When the time is right. I think me and Gemma need to be stable and sturdy. Let’s get a long duration where everything runs smoothly first."

Glamorous Gemma, who wore a long blue dress, admitted while she had dated other people she knew "deep in her heart" that Arg was the one.

She "wiped the slate clean" after he refused to jet off to Tenerife with her, but just two weeks later James finally confessed his love.

On rumours of a ‘showmance’, Arg said: "I thought you know what I obviously like her and have been playing it down. That’s why I get confused with the ‘showmance’ side of things.

"We’d be going off camera and I’d say ‘Gemma let’s keep it private, I don’t want to make a big deal of it’."

TOWIE viewers have seen Arg complain about Gemma’s extravagant spending habits, which have been highlighted after they opened a joint bank account together.

Opening up, James said: "I love the fact Gemma is a good time girl, enjoys life, but sometimes you have to reel her in.

"She’s very much Gemma with me and not the GC. The real Gemma is very sweet, bubbly romantic. very supportive of me and loyal as well. I don’t feel there’s nothing I can’t tell Gemma."

The couple have recently enjoyed a romantic holiday to Marbella, where they spent nights at Elliott Wright’s restaurant Olivia’s La Cala.

Earlier in the show, Gemma left Arg sitting alone on the sofa as their appearance was teased.

The camera cut to lonely Arg on his own as Holly and Phil revealed his girlfriend was still getting her make-up done.

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