Gemma Atkinson opens up on moments she refused to be filmed

Gemma Atkinson shows her postpartum bump

Gemma Atkinson recently revealed the moments that she decided to keep private and refused to have filmed for her new documentary with her husband Gorka Marquez.

The new three-part documentary series follows Gemma and Gorka’s journey after she fell pregnant for a second time.

The couple welcomed their son Thiago back in July with the pair already sharing their daughter Mia.

Gemma and Gorka filmed a fly-on-the-wall series while Gemma was still pregnant with baby Thiago, but she had strict rules on the things that she didn’t want to be filmed.

Speaking ahead of the documentary airing, Gemma explained: “Yeah, we said we want it to be as honest and raw as possible. There are no glam scenes, no hair and makeup or lighting or anything.

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“Even the bits to camera us talking. I’ve seen some shows that I’m a fan of, Gorka’s not really. But I’m fan of certain shows where it’ll show a VT of them and they’re all glam and done up.

“Well, there’s none of that on this, just because we said we wanted it to just be as normal as possible. So, we’re trying to keep it as real as possible.

“But when it comes to me being in labour, the birth and family meeting our new baby for the first time, that’s all off camera. We want those moments to just be for us because the filming is documenting the pregnancy, and then post-pregnancy, getting back into a routine and normality.

“I don’t think anyone needs to see me on all fours screaming and yelling at you Gorka! I want Gorka to stay up this end, so yeah, there’s certain elements whereby we hope people understand.

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“Especially Gorka’s parents who are coming over from Spain so they will feature in some bits. But the first initial meeting of their grandson they won’t want cameras in their face.

“And we wouldn’t want that for them.”

Agreeing, Gorka added: “Also because they’re people that aren’t used to it or involved in it. And as much as we want to be transparent and honest and show everything, at the same time we also want to keep some things for ourselves.

“In the five/six years that we’ve been together, we’ve been quite honest or transparent the way we are still normal people.

“But at the same time, we keep some things to ourselves. And even if we’re still doing that, we want to keep those moments because they’re special for us. To keep something that’s just for us.”

Gemma and Gorka: Life Behind the Lens airs Wednesday, August 30 from 8pm on W and UKTV Play.

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