Game of Thrones: Who knew Jon Snow’s true identity? Could he still rule Westeros?

Game of Thrones season eight left many plot points open with fans perplexed. For some viewers, the final series of the HBO show was rushed particularly in regard to Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) and her descent into madness. To add to fan chagrin, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was banished to the Wall for murdering his aunt and lover.

The final run also saw Jon confirming his true identity to Daenerys, who seemed to brush off the fact she’d slept with her nephew.

She was highly dismissive and angered Jon could pose a threat to her throne.

After Jon told her, the Mother of Dragons demanded he keeps his secret to himself in case she was usurped by him.

Jon had a stronger claim to the Iron Thrones purely because he was a male heir which superseded females in Westeros.


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Who knew about Jon Snow’s true identity?

By the end of Game of Thrones, a number of people knew Jon was the Stark-Targaryen heir to the Seven Kings and his true name was Aegon Targaryen.

The characters who knew were Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright), Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), Arya (Maisie Williams), Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) and Gilly (Hannah Murray).

Also, Varys (Conleth Hill) was fully aware of Jon’s true identity and tried to alert other houses to the hero’s claim to the throne.

Varys even sent out some ravens as part of a failed coup but it was unclear if they had made it to their intended recipients.

Sadly, Varys was sentenced to death after Tyrion revealed the truth about his plot to Daenerys.

Tyrion and Varys were keen for Jon and Dany to rule side-by-side with the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch tempering his queen.

But it was sadly not to be with Jon brutally stabbing his queen in the chest after she revealed her new world vision.

Presumably, if the truth about Jon’s identity is revealed, he could still rule over the six kingdoms of Westeros with the North now an independent state.

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Jon is the rightful ruler of Westeros and has the strongest claim by birth to the Iron Throne.

Also, given he is both a Stark and a Targaryen, he’s recognised by the North as a true ruler.

So, in theory Jon could be reinstated as the rightful ruler of Westeros and even unite the Seven Kingdoms again under his rule.

Given so many people know the truth about Jon, there’s nothing to stop the Lords of Westeros trying to make Jon the king.


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Democracy was new to Westeros and it’s highly likely corruption could be rife on the continent.

Also, traditions die hard in Westeros and bringing a monarch back in could be an option for the kingdom.

The only catch may be Jon never wished to rule, which would make him a wise ruler of the land.

There are questions about Bran’s ability to rule as well given he’s the Three-Eyed Raven and is living the past, present and future all at the same time.

Instead, it appeared Tyrion was ruling on his behalf and suggests the person on the throne isn’t really in control.

If Westeros did collapse into civil war again, it would be unsurprising with the feudal society not yet ready for democracy.

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