Gail Porter won’t be defined by her baldness and has decided to get a wig

Gail Porter says she won’t be defined by her baldness and has decided to get a wig.

The former model and TV presenter, who lost her hair to alopecia, believes going bald cost her her career.

Gail, 47, told the Loose Women panel that she wants to wear a wig after spending 13 years without any hair.

She will still go out bald in public but wants to have another option and would love a pink or grey with lilac wig.

After being called the ‘poster girl’ for bald women, Gail said she hoped to inspire other women.

"I’m not going to wear one full time. I just got given the option," she said. "I’ve changed and I just think it would be nice to go for dinner. I could take it off and have fun with it."

She added: "It took me a while to get used to being bald. I quite like the fact people talk to me because I’m open about it."

Gail revealed that when she took her mum for chemotherapy that the nurse initially believed she herself was suffering from cancer.

The TV star said that she lost her hair over a three week period while working in America.

Her daughter, who was 2-years-old when she lost her hair, actually hopes she doesn’t wear the wig too often.

Gail said: "If I do get a wig it’ll be to show other women you can wear it out and take it off. I might go out to a bar one night. People who don’t know me will see me take it off, put it down next to a glass of wine."

*Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV at 12.30pm

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