Franky Married At First Sight UK: What happened with Franky’s first wife?

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Married At First Sight UK is back on E4 and the latest season has been the most dramatic yet. An explosive final dinner party saw the couples write anonymous letters about the other pairs, and they did not go down well. As tension rose between Franky and Marilyse, here is all you need to know about his previous relationship.

Who was Franky from Married At First Sight’s first wife?

Franky and Marilyse hit it off as the most mature couple of the series and there was definitely initial attraction on their wedding day.

The ex-army man was the gentleman Marilyse needed and he even opened up to the idea of meeting her two sons.

However, when the couple moved in together, Marilyse started to notice Franky was not letting his guard down completely.

The rest of the couples also realised he was keeping a lot back from the group and the professionals.

He previously snapped at expert Mel Schilling when she insinuated he was controlling Marilyse.

At the latest dinner party, he lashed out at the rest of the group for the anonymous letter that was written.

One of the couples had said they believed the pair had been mismatched and they felt awkward in their presence.

Tam Khan, who is Franky’s boss, insisted he had a soft side and was simply misunderstood.

He revealed the boxing coach had been in a very bad relationship previously and he was hurt.

Speaking to he alleged: “She’d go out with some friends and her phone would be off.

“Maybe at 4am he’d go to the bathroom and he would try calling her and she’d walk in at like 7am.”

He claimed the couple had been shopping one day and the way they spoke to each other raised alarm bells.

Franky has previously mentioned his former relationship on the show but has not gone into detail.

The group has called him out on being a closed book, and it seems his previous marriage may have impacted this.

Franky is on Instagram and he shared a picture of himself with some of his co-stars.

He said: “Squad Goals! This post is a shout out to all my MAFS buddies including obviously the guys not in this pic.

“The experiment was very difficult for me but damn did I try!

“Also, another shout out to all the people who really know me who have DM’d me with supportive and lovely words.”

He shared another photo of himself with his new wife Marilyse and he recognised they had experienced some bumps in the road.

He said: “Behind the Scenes with this cool & classy marvellous human.

“Hear this – the experiment was challenging every day as getting to know someone so intensely can take a turn in the wrong direction at any moment.

“So, keep watching our journey and how we negotiate all the scenarios we were thrown.”

His boss Tam said he had been the one to suggest Franky end the relationship with his ex-wife.

Since starting the experiment, Franky admitted he was falling in love with Marilyse and he said she was an “amazing” woman.

Married At First Sight UK airs from Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

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