First look as Jamelia cast in full time Hollyoaks role

Singer Jamelia has joined the Hollyoaks cast full-time, and has been filming with cast for her appearance in the show’s titles.

The platinum-selling singer plays Sharon Bailey, mum of Zoe and daughter of Pearl.

She will arrive will arrive as Sharon visits daughter, Zoe, and mother, Pearl, for a Mother’s Day special episode.

Viewers have already met Sharon, in an hour long Black To Front episode back in 2021.

In an hour long guest episode, Sharon, along with members of the Deveraux family, celebrated the birthday of Walter.

Now, Sharon is heading back to the role on a permanent basis, and is all smiles as she unites with her on-screen clan.

Clutching a hot water bottle in a very chilly day of filming, Jamelia is all set to make her debut in the opening titles of the show.

And she was quick to get her promo shots in with the iconic Hollyoaks sign – have you even been in Hollyoaks if you haven’t done that?

Speaking at the time of her 2021 cameo, the music star enthused: ‘Filming Hollyoaks has been the most fantastic experience,’ said Jamelia upon her casting.

‘I’ve felt like I’ve been around family, I’ve felt so comfortable and so joyous. It’s just been amazing. I can’t believe this is supposed to be work.’

‘For me, I think what’s important about this episode is that we’re showing the diversity within Black existence, and I think it’s really important for that.

‘So often Black people are portrayed in a monolithic kind of way, and I feel that an episode like this is really important to show the diversity within Black personhood. I’m really honoured to be included in this episode. It’s been fantastic.’

So fantastic that she couldn’t resist signing on that dotted line for a permanent stay.

She will be thrust into the action of the always eventful family, though what she will get up to in and around the village remains to be seen.

With filming well and truly going, fans can expect to see Sharon’s return in a couple of weeks.

Jamelia also made a cameo in a Hollyoaks episode way back in 2003.

Other TV roles have included episodes of Doctors and Death In Paradise.

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