First Dates waitress Cici Coleman finds ‘romance’ on the show herself

As a waitress on First Dates, CiCi Coleman has witnessed the first chapter of many a love story.

But now the long-term singleton may have finally found a happy ending of her own – with one of her co-workers on the hit Channel 4 show.

Viewers have observed sparks flying between Cici and fellow waiter Sam Conrad for years. Last year fans were left heartbroken by Sam’s crushed reaction when CiCi announced she’d been on a date with another man.

But CiCi has hinted there’s possibility of a romance with her dashing co-star as she revealed to the Sun she and Sam have a natural chemistry.

"We have a lot of flirty banter, and he’s the best person to bounce off with because he’s so quick," she gushed.

But continuing to play it cool, Cici mysteriously added: ""We’ve been doing it for three years or so now, so I think if it was gonna happen it probably would have done by now. I always say never say never though."

But if things don’t work out, Cici is not short of admirers, after admitting she gets lots of cheeky viewers ‘sliding into her DMs’ on Instagram, which she jokingly calls her ‘personal dating app.’

"If there’s a nice message I’ll look at their profile pic stalk their pictures and if they look sane maybe I’ll reply," she said.

Cici also revealed what it’s like to film on the show – which involves overseeing 14 dates over a 16 hour day.

"It’s hard work. You’ve got to pace yourself. If you peak too soon and you’ve got another eight hours to go it’s not going to happen. They do work us very hard," she said.

She added: "Our first dates come into the restaurant at 12 o’clock and we have dates throughout. I could be wrong, but I think there’s 14 dates a day, but we do filming before that and after, so our days are super long."

First Dates airs tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm

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