‘FBI’ TV Show: Season 2, Episode 7: The Team Searches for the Murderer of a High-Profile Board Member

During “FBI”season two, episode seven, titled “Undisclosed,” the team is tasked withlooking for the person who murdered a board member of a company that is aboutto become public. Who would want him dead? Here’s everything Showbiz CheatSheet knows about this upcoming “FBI” episode.  

The ‘FBI’ team hunts down a murderer

Maggie, OA, and the FBI team investigate clues so they can findthe murderer of a board member at a medical tech company that’s about to gopublic. It looks like money might be the motivation for this murder. Thequestion they need to answer is who has the most to gain from his death. Oncethey find out who would want him dead, they’ll be much closer to finding themurderer.

OA faces a personal conflict

In this episode, OA faces a very tough decision. Things getcomplicated when he feels pressure to assist a family member. However, helpingthis person might put him in a situation where he has to lie. Will he choose familyover his moral convictions? From what we know about OA, we’re guessing he mightstruggle with wanting to help his family, but in the end, he will ultimatelychoose to tell the truth. OA’s job requires him to separate himself emotionallyfrom tough situations, but he has a soft spot for the ones he holds dear. Althoughhe is dedicated to family he is also committed to his job at the FBI.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen OA face a personal dilemma.During season two, episode one, titled “Little Egypt,” OA is on a case where heand Maggie must search for the person who bombed a restaurant in Queens. OAfeels compassion for a young man who is coerced into bombing another location.He and the man have the same ethnic background. Since OA identifies so closelywith the young man, he tries to convince him not to go through with thebombing. However, OA is going beyond his FBI job requirements. Consequently, heis reprimanded, and his boss says he’s acting more like a social worker than anFBI agent.

‘FBI’ season two, episode six recap

What happened the week before on “FBI?” In the previous episode,the team had to help solve the murder of a Wall Street investor. Their investigationled them to an insider trading ring that incorporated unconventional methods toobtain information. This case is tricky because at first it looks like anyonecould have been involved in the murderer. The investor’s wife was cheating onhim with the contractor. In addition, the investor had a girlfriend on theside. Was it a crime of passion? OA and Maggie have a tough case on theirhands.

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